Kanye West Allegedly Assaults Teen

The Rapper is Under Investigation for the Alleged Assault of a Teenager who Made Racist Comments

Kanye West allegedly assaults teen

“Turn the other cheek” may have not been the thought Kanye West had in mind with his recent, public altercation. The rapper is under investigation for, allegedly, assaulting a teen who verbally abused girlfriend Kim Kardashian with racist comments.

West and Kardashian were  entering a medical facility in Beverly Hills, on Monday, when the pair were swarmed by photographers. An 18 year-old male then tried to assist Kardashian into the building, according to TMZ. Afterwards, the teen began spewing expletives and called Kardashian a n—— lover” and “b—-,” TMZ reports.  She told him what he was saying wasn’t right and, when she called West, the man allegedly said, “F— you, n—–.”

West located the teen in one of the offices where he supposedly punched him. Law enforcement were called out after the two men were separated. “Mr. West had left the location prior to the officers’ arrival,” police said. The teen is said to have pressed charges and West is now a suspect in the battery investigation, Beverly Hills Police Department told CNN. It is also reported that the BHPD Detectives are conducting a follow-up investigation. This story is just the latest charges the rapper now faces. Previously, West had a similar altercation with a videographer at LAX.

One could ask if the rapper’s passion lands him in these alleged assault altercations. Here is a man who, even before dating Kim Kardashian, was known for his public outbursts. Were most of the run-ins with his alleged accusers West’s fault? No! However, by now, you would think that the 36 year-old knows he is ripe pickings for those who wish to stir his emotions.  A person, going about their daily lives with photographers and random people interrupting them, cannot feel comfortable. Anyone would get that West likes to do normal things, just like the rest of us, but he often finds himself  getting into trouble in those very settings. Who wouldn’t want to protect their loves ones? Many of us do it unconsciously; the only difference is that the cameras  are not photographing the less than stellar behavior that “regular” people tend to demonstrate.

Almost everyone has seen West in interviews, some were viewed favorably and, well, others… have made for great punch lines. Again, this is where West’s passion creates an environment that conflicts with his persona.  A person looking more inward toward West may say, “he is a man who believes in himself,” while others may count it as arrogance. The star protects his loved ones, but it often results in public altercations. He also lives to control his legacy, frequently commenting that people should not be slaves to another’s brand. It is those passions that, ultimately, land him in the headlines for alleged assault charges.

West was a profiled celebrity, during his pre-Kardashian days, and it has only intensified now the pair are a couple. Photographers don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon and, unfortunately, a person cannot control what comes out of someone else’s mouth. The recent event of West’s alleged assault of a teen seems part of a repeated cycle for the rapper, who seems to let his emotions speak first and then asks questions later.

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  1. Czerny   January 15, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    While I feel that both Kanye and the entire Kardashian clan are worthless, I do think the waste of space known as Kanye was justified.

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