Kanye West Reportedly Settles With Alleged Racist Teenager for $250,000

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Kanye West reportedly settled with an alleged racist teenager for $250,000 from an encounter that was reported as assault. Kanye has been in the news recently over behaviors that have resulted or turned violent. The fans of the hip-hop mogul are often left confused as to how to interpret Kanye’s bad press. There was an incident that occurred mid-January inside of a chiropractor’s office in Beverly Hills, California where a 18-year-old young man was cruelly following Kim Kardashian. The young male had encountered Kim outside of the building and started verbally harassing her with racial slurs using the “N-word.” The alleged harasser continued to follow her into the building, up an empty stairwell shouting, according to TMZ, “N***** lover.”

As most women would do, cornered with an aggressor in tow, she cried for help. Allegedly Kanye physically attacked the 18-year-old, resulting in office employees stepping forward to pull Kanye off of him. The young man pressed charges against the mogul music producer.

Kanye the music and Kanye the man, some would say can be compared to the comedy tragedy mask, commonly seen in theaters. He comes off as a disturbed, angry man one minute and a musical genius the next. It cannot be denied that documentation beats conversation when it comes to Kanye’s body of work. He is a self-proclaimed “genius” – a proclamation many would not debate. What many also question is what lead to a reported settlement of $250,000 with an alleged, racist teenager –  was Kayne in the right, or in the news once more for out of control behavior?

Kanye the music has earned his Grammy awards and many accolades in the music industry. He is known throughout the music industry for having that magic touch that keeps himself, as well as other artists he has produced; such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, hot and number one on the charts. Kanye’s music is loved universally without question.

Kanye the man, however, remains to be reviewed hesitantly by the public. The recorded confrontations broadcast on television for viewers, paints Kanye to be a vicious, irrational, hot-head. He defended himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live by explaining he is provoked by the paparazzi to behave this way.

There was no paparazzi in sight, the fateful night he took the mic from young singer, Taylor Swift. During an MTV Awards event, the mogul stated Taylor did not earn her award and it belonged to Beyonce. Fans and celebrities were outraged from the behavior. Even Beyonce stepped forward and extended Taylor her opportunity to speak. Kayne was very apologetic to Taylor and to his fans for his behavior. Not many could come to his defense that night. To deal with his demons, reported in Us Weekly, Kanye turned to alcohol, sex and God.

This latest incident with the 18-year-old reportedly being physically attacked by Kanye for using the “N-word” and other hateful racial slurs, could be argued as an act of chivalry protecting the mother of his child North and his soon-to-be-wife,  Kim. Kanye the man did what most men would have done in the same situation if a stranger aggressively followed their love into a stairwell spouting hate. This 18-year-old, whose name is still unknown, may have made out like a “fat rat.”

Even though he has settled with the alleged racist teenager for a reported whopping $250,000 to go on with his life, the public continues to struggle to understand the two sides of Kanye. There is the lyrical genius that plays out on the radio and the other in the media everyday in heavy rotation. The lens often focuses on Kanye, to gather and emit a clear view. There is a quote by Oscar Wilde that states, ”Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Maybe Kanye the man is not meant to be understood. Whether genius or tragedy…just enjoy the art.


Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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