Kanye West Under Investigation for Assault

Kanye West

Kanye West is currently under investigation for assault following an altercation at a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office.  The rapper, already facing charges of battery and attempted grand theft from an earlier incident, became incensed when a man hurled racial slurs and told Kardashian, “I’m going to kill you, slut!” when she scolded him for his strong language.

The incident reportedly began when the teen held a building’s door open for the reality starlet.  He saw the paparazzi following her and had some choice words for the photographers.  When Kardashian admonished him for his strong language, the teen turned on her, calling her a “n-lover” and hitting her with other racial slurs.  When he said he was going to kill her, she had been on the phone with West and told her fiancé what was happening.

Kanye West, known for his inability to keep his cool, arrived in his Lamborghini moments later.  He followed his fiancée into the chiropractor’s office, where he confronted the teen and allegedly punched him in the arm.  Kardashian then left in West’s vehicle while West left in Kardashian’s SUV, which was parked around the back of the office.

The teen filed a complaint with the Beverly Hills Police Department, which has led to Kanye West being under investigation for assault.  By the time the police arrived at the chiropractor’s office, West was gone.  He told X17 that the charges were “ridiculous.”

The couple was on hand for a meeting to discuss the furniture for their new house but were sidetracked by the teen’s outburst.  This is not the first time that West has faced criminal charges.  He’s due to reappear in a Los Angeles courthouse on the battery and attempted grand theft charges January 23.

Both those charges can net the hotheaded rapper up to six months each in jail.

The situation was probably one of the few instances of a celebrity coming to the paparazzi’s defense.  Kardashian said that she was stunned at the obscenities that poured out of the teenager’s mouth, which included racial and homophobic slurs, and that’s why she told the teen his language was inappropriate.

West was identified by several witnesses at the scene, including the teenager.  The teen told Beverly Hills police that he wanted to press charges and now, the matter has been referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for investigation.

According to witnesses, a third party had to separate West from the teen, and others said that Kardashian told the teen his tirade was caught on tape.  Reports indicate that the reality starlet was truly scared of the young man after he began screaming at her.  He reportedly followed her into the building she was entering and continued to scream at her.

West’s lawyer Blair Berk has entered a plea of not guilty on his client’s behalf on the earlier battery and attempted grand theft charges.  The investigation continues into today’s alleged assault.  It will take some time before the LA County District Attorney’s office determines whether or not charges will be filed.

As police continue to investigate Kanye West for assault, the teen was seen leaving the chiropractor’s office with a sweatshirt wrapped around his head. The paparazzi were waiting for the young man to leave the office following the alleged assault.

By Christina St-Jean

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  1. Sandra M.   January 14, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    That teen did deserve a punch. I totally understand Kim being scared of a young man threatening her and demeaning her. Every woman wants protection when that happens and she knows she can count on Kanye for that. I don’t think Kanye deserve any kind of punishment. Kim should sue the teen for the sexist, racist, violent threats that he hurled on the weaker sex. I hate what is happening to this country. Men are treating women terribly these days, using the ‘b’ word and so one. Hollywood is terrible at showing how to treat women. I sometimes think that the sexism issue is worst than the racism issue in this country and the world.


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