Katy Perry Displays the Chest She Prayed for on the Cover of GQ

Katy perry displays chest she prayed for on the cover of gq
Katy Perry is on the cover of GQ Magazine’s February issue showing off the natural chest she prayed for as a child. Katy took the opportunity to speak out about her body and her choices, no holds barred. Although the world has seen Katy Perry go through several successful records, some less-than-successful romantic relationships and some major fashion do’s and don’ts, the 29-year-old singer continues to surprise her fans every time she speaks.

In her latest interview, Katy Perry is revealing new personal information; everything from her stance on marijuana to her belief in aliens, all printed on the pages of GQ Magazine. What could be better for her fans? Seeing her on the cover and reading fun facts and stories from her life? It’s a jackpot for Katy Cats everywhere.

What’s first? Katy tells readers that one night when she was younger she prayed to be well-endowed. Basically Katy Perry asked that the view down to her feet please be blocked by her enormous chest. According to the GQ article, Katy’s prayers were answered when she was 11-years-old; there is nothing plastic in this girl, just higher power influence. The product of her prayers and wishes for a full chest is fully displayed on her cover spread for February’s GQ Magazine.

Katy Perry’s answered prayers are just part of what she wants Katy Cats to know about her. Katy also speaks about her spiritual beliefs as she does not believe that heaven and hell are places people go, she views life through what she calls a spiritual lens, she seeks guidance in astrology and her belief in extraterrestrial life lives on (her song E.T. is not just for show). She also reveals that while she has tried smoking weed, she does not like it because it makes her paranoid.

Although Katy Perry has been in the public spotlight for several years now, she has continued to grow up saying that she needed to mature on her own to have a chance at a healthy relationship with any man. When she met Russell Brand and things quickly got serious and the two married, it was all happening in the public eye. When the marriage was falling apart and eventually led to divorce, Katy continued making music and sharing her voice with the world. The message of her songs like By the Grace of God, written specifically about the end of her relationship with Russell Brand, show Katy Perry’s song writing growth.

Katy’s latest album Prism is about Russell Brand, her current beau, fellow singer and songwriter, John Mayer, and her own experiences as a woman who is learning how to love herself everyday. While she is open about her new relationship with John Mayer, Katy says that she is having a great time with him and feels no need to rush anything.

Do the results of Katy’s answered prayers for a large chest, displayed on the cover of February’s GQ Magazine, have anything to do with the confidence it takes to date A-list celebrities and to become an international superstar, or did she need to find inspiration elsewhere? Either way, the readers of GQ get to see just how much a connection to spirituality can do for a girl.

By K. Corrine Van Vliet

Rolling Stone
US Weekly

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