Kim Kardashian Asks ‘Should I Wear This?’

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Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to the best of people, even Kim Kardashian. After a wardrobe malfunction she asks fans, “Should I wear this?”

Kim Kardashian experienced a fashion crisis when she was in her dressing room prepping to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Suddenly a malfunction happened and the 33-year-old star began to panic. Sources say Kardashian was frantic that her dress had just broken and began posting panicky comments on Instagram. Well Kardashian suddenly had an idea, which is to ask her fans what she should wear. She took side-by-side pictures of herself and told fans she needed help deciding what to wear. The first set of side-by-side pictures is Kardashian dressed in a long, tight tan skirt with an open white blouse. Her second option was the same low-cut blouse, except the skirt was shorter and much tighter than the long skirt. After posting the pictures Kardashian asks, “Should I wear this?”

After receiving feedback from her fans Kim Kardashian was elated she found her look, and told fans she’s off to the taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” On the show, the Reality TV star decided not to show pictures of herself, but instead share pictures of Kanye West and their 6-month-old baby girl North West. Kardashian told DeGeneres that North Wests’ looks seems to change all the time. She states one minute she looks like her, but other times she resembles Kanye West. Kardashian also told DeGeneres of North Wests’ personality. The 33-year-old mom describes her baby girl’s personality as very calm and quiet.

Kardashian opens up to DeGeneres about her pregnancy and the challenges she faced when having her first child. Kardashian said she would not wish [pregnancy] upon anyone. Although the day time talk show host have heard other women describe pregnancy as a beautiful thing, Kardashian begged to differ. Her response to DeGeneres was they [other women] are lying and she had a few medical problems. She also noted how she gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. However, Kardashian stated she was very happy with the end result and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Almost a day after “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” aired, reports say Kardashian was spotted having dinner with Kanye West in Paris. The newly-engaged couple was spotted going to the Ferdi Restaurant and then to check out wedding venues. Sources say the couple are very excited and wish to have a summer wedding. Kardashian and West also went shopping and had fun in Paris.

Kim Kardashian has proven she can get out of a wardrobe malfunction crisis when she asks fans, “Should I wear this?” Despite her catastrophe the audience of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” enjoyed her presence and was very engaging as she discussed pregnancy issues, her baby girl and Kanye West. She was all-smiles on the show and later in Paris with West. Kardashian stepped out for dinner wearing a long black coat, matching boots, pants and blouse. On the other hand, West wore his signature white button-up with jeans. Sources say West arrived to Paris before Kardashian and attended a fall menswear fashion show with his pal Ricardo Tisci.

By Bridget Cunningham


NY Daily News

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  1. Ana   January 22, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Kim be beware of ur sister kourt. She belittles and controlls u. She on purpose established team kloe.and.scott to abuse u. Open up ur.eyes

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