Leonardo DiCaprio Niece is Missing [Update]

Leonardo Dicaprio Niece is Missing [Update]

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and frantic family and friends are looking for DiCaprio’s niece, Normadie Farrar, age 6, whose whereabouts are unknown as of this time. The little girl is the daughter of DiCaprio’s step-brother Adam Farrar, who is presently in jail. She was last seen on July 25, 2013, declared California police investigators.

Normadie is considered to be the victim of a “parental or family type abduction”, stated the Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit of the California Department of Justice. But even with such a declaration, the young child had allegedly been secretly living in Dallas, Texas. That was until her parents were both arrested in different drug related happenings last week.

Farrar, age 43, was apprehended by police in Collin County for two Class A Misdemeanors on Friday. They were for possession of a dangerous drug, further charge of harassment, and theft. Normadie’s mother, Charity Moore, age 38 had been arrested five days previous and charged with a number of offenses, which included two counts of possession of a dangerous drug, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, theft of property under $500 and a Class C Misdemeanor of a parent contributing to the child’s non-attendance at school.

A friend of the family said that Adam and Charity were hiding out in Texas with Normadie, wanting urgently to avoid the Department of Justice. Everyone is now very worried. With each of them in jail, nobody in the DiCaprio family knows where Normadie is. They did not even realize that Adam and Charity had been put in jail. Another friend stated that Leonardo’s mother had been at odds with Adam and Charity for some time. She is now very worried about her granddaughter and her well-being.

However, on Tuesday evening, Moore’s father, Don, told the media that his granddaughter was fine. He stated that everything was extremely bizarre and that if Normadie was anyone’s business, he would tell. He then added that the child was safe, and that she was beautiful. He also said she was not missing. She had been with her mother and where she is now is not anyone’s concern.

Another family member, Normadie’s aunt Rachelle, explained as well that the little girl was safe. But she refused to comment on any of the legal matters of the case. She stated that she did not know anything about Charity using drugs. She did state that Moore loves her daughter and is a good mother to her daughter. The aunt stated she knew nothing about the drug use that Moore was arrested for, and would not comment at all on it.

UPDATE: It has been reported that Normadie has indeed been located, stated Los Angeles county DCFS. They were unable to release any more information except that. They stated it was wonderful news and that she is safe and doing just fine. But they could not reveal any other specifics toward the case. The child is now considered a dependent of the juvenile court. So Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio and frantic family and friends  can now calm down because Normadie is safe.

By Kimberly Ruble


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