Justin Bieber Petitioned Deportation Makes A Difference in America?

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Would Justin Bieber’s petitioned deportation make a difference in America? As much as many parents in the United States might fantasize for a brief moment about shipping their out-of-control teen anywhere in the world, they won’t. In a moment of anger, disappointment, and pure exhaustion, parents for the most part understand their kid will eventually come to accept consequences. It pains a parent to have to witness their child make painful mistakes but every adult knows it is a part of the process of becoming a man or woman. Justin Bieber is no different. Whether Canadian or American or rich or poor, most would agree that the journey to manhood or womanhood is not easy for anyone.

Patricia Mallette saw something special in her son when he was three years old playing the drums. She posted videos of her son’s musical gift in a talent competition on YouTube until he was discovered and signed to Grammy award-winning R&B artist Usher. Scooter Braun took over the reigns as Justin’s manager from his mother Patricia once Justin signed to Usher. Scooter was known for keeping Justin in line and telling him the things he didn’t want to hear but needed to hear. Reported in the Times, Braun opened up in an interview recently with the Hollywood Reporter that Justin no longer listens to him. Justin responded to that same interview by stating Scooter was his only father figure. According to TMZ, Usher and Scooter both took a trip to Panama to talk to Justin allegedly hoping for an intervention. Born to a single teenage mother (Patricia Mallette), Justin Bieber grew up much of his life without his biological father. Jeremy Bieber returned into his son’s life after Justin had become a household name. That leads many to wonder if this young man’s only role models have been males in the entertainment industry who may or may not be on his payroll.

Justin Bieber’s name has been in the news and trending non-stop more so for his troubles than his amazing musical talent he was once celebrated for. His wild night life reportedly has led him to a serious string of events that has, according to Los Angeles Times, over 100,000 people signing a petition to have him deported. His troubles really began in Calabasas, California when his neighbors started complaining about his speeding through their quiet, family oriented, affluent neighborhood. The police raided Bieber’s home after his neighbor reported his home was egged causing property damage. In that raid, one of Bieber’s house guest was arrested on drug possession. Bieber was not charged, but he was put on trial via the media raising the question if Bieber was using a high-end version of the drug sizzurp called lean. Bieber then took a trip to Miami and according to the Miami Herald, was arrested on an alleged DUI, resisting arrest, and drag racing charges. Lt. Martinez reported Bieber was also on prescription drugs. Now Bieber has been arrested in Toronto, Canada, according to CBS News, for an alleged assault of a limousine driver. A police raid and two arrests that landed Bieber in handcuffs within weeks of one another. Justin’s fans, also known as Beliebers, are watching and wondering what will happen to him.

Looking at Justin Bieber, a 19-year-old who was blessed to experience success, fame, and fortune from a very young age without the guidance of his father to teach him about being a man, some are not surprised by his reported “acting out.” Single mothers across the nation might scream that this is no excuse because many kids grow up without a father and never get arrested drag racing Lamborghinis drunk or assaulting limousine drivers. If there were a camera present in the homes or dorm rooms of every 19-year-old in America, Justin could possibly be viewed as a lightweight in comparison. Every man and woman has a journey. Some act out as children, some act out in their teen years, and some wait until well into adulthood to act out whatever issues plagued them as children. One man’s reality is what it is. The courts are in place for those to pay the consequences of their actions. Picking up a pen to sign a petition to deport a young man simply because the media reports on his journey and his reality everyday with or without his consent could be viewed as judgmental. Justin has been tried before the masses before an official trial. There are so many issues plaguing Americans where the power of the pen could be used for something productive. Deporting Justin Bieber would do what for the state of the economy or health care? Does Justin Bieber’s deportation affect retirement or social security? Will his leaving for Canada be the answer for the homeless? When one does not like a song that is in heavy rotation over and over on the radio or marathons of an “annoying” television show played over and over, Americans practice that good ‘ole freedom of choice…simply by turning it off.

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Petitioned Deportation Makes A Difference in America?"

  1. Rosa   February 3, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    I think the deporting thing is an over reaction

  2. W.L. Williams   January 31, 2014 at 11:05 am

    If an American is found guilty of DWI in Canada, he/she is immediately deported and cannot return for 10 years. The same should hold true going the opposite direction.
    Bieber is Canadian, and his family is Canadian, and he has a home in Canada. He should stay there for ten years before returning to the United States — perhaps by then he will be able to act like an an adult.

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