Massachusetts Children Trapped in Hope Chest Die

Massachusetts Children Trapped in Hope Chest Die

A young Massachusetts brother and sister, both under the age of 10, apparently became trapped inside a hope chest in their  home late on Sunday evening and died, stated Massachusetts police on Monday morning. Members of their family discovered the two children after they opened up the chest while inside the home. It is located just to the north of the Rhode Island border. This happened around 8 p.m.

Police received an emergency call, arrived at the home and discovered that the children were found inside the chest. It had a lid which could not be opened from the inside. The two children were rushed to the hospital but neither one survived.

David Traub, who is a spokesperson for Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey, was able to confirm the deaths. He stated that there had been numerous other family members, including an adult, inside the home at the time of the incident, but he did not reveal if the adult was a parent to the children.

The chest itself was sitting extremely close to a television which was turned on and had a very high volume at the time, declared Traub.

Massachusetts police authorities are saying the two deaths appear to both have been accidental. Relatives of the children are cooperating with police investigators. The authorities are still in the process of attempting to figure out how the two young victims got into the hope chest in the first place, but it is believed as of yet that the tragedy was a horrible accident.

A neighbor said that the two deceased children were the youngest of five brothers and sisters. She explained that she tried to comfort the victims’ older siblings after the two bodies were discovered. The older kids were in pretty bad shape, emotionally. They were all crying and very sad.

The neighbor stated that she had never been particularly close to any of the family, but explained that they were always very friendly. She said they were a nice family, very nice bunch of people. She added that all the children had always been very well-behaved and seemed to have really good manners.

Massachusetts authorities stated that the family house was empty on Monday morning. There was a couple of kid size bicycles located in the backyard. There was also a sled and a toy truck. There were two bouquets of flowers and also two stuffed animals, a brown dog and a white kitten that had been put on the front steps. So it is obvious the word is getting around the town that the two children are dead.

The attorney spokesperson also added that all the family was cooperating with police investigators, exactly what the authorities had said. Traub added that each child would undergo an autopsy to see if the death results showed that medical information indeed corresponded with the story that the family had told to them.

Each of the children went to an elementary school in the town where they lived. School officials told parents that the two children had passed away and stated that there were counselors available to any students and staff who needed them.

So far, no names have been released to the public, just the details of the case. The two young siblings apparently became trapped inside the hope chest in their Massachusetts home late on Sunday evening and both died as a result.

By Kimberly Ruble


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