Matt Garza’s $52 Million Contract With Brewers

Matt Garza's $52 Million Contract With BrewersFree agent Matt Garza is the latest addition to the Milwaukee Brewers, following the four-year, $52 million contract that the pitcher just signed. Although the deal was made with Garza today, it will not be finalized until the results of Garza’s physical. This is a very crucial aspect to the deal for Garza who has suffered two back-to-back seasons with injuries.

The agreement of the latest addition to the Brewers roster was announced by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Matt Garza will prove to be an impactful addition to the Brewers, as it is debatable that Garza is the best pitcher left in the free agency market remaining after the Yankees signed Masahiro Tanaka yesterday. Despite his injury, right handed pitcher Garza went 10-6 with an ERA of 3.82 during his season with the Cubs last year. Overall, Garza has a record of 67-67 with a total ERA of 3.84. In addition, the right handed pitcher had a total of 136 strikeouts over a period of 155 games, twenty-four of which Garza started. Considering how Tanaka received $155 million for his contract with the Yankees, the Brewers scored with the $52 million contract with Matt Garza.

It is more than likely that Garza will join the Brewers rotation this season following the results of his pending physical. With the addition of Garza on the Brewers pitching rotation, the Brewers have created a phenomenal pitching rotation, considering that their 2013 rotation was already ranked as one of the best. Garza will join pitchers Willy Peralta, Kyle Lohse, Yovani Gallardo, Tyler Thornburg and Marco Estrada in the Brewers’ outstanding line-up. So, the addition of Garza will come as a great surprise to Brewers fans.

The only questionable element that the Brewers face with their $52 million contract with Matt Garza is the health concerns following the thirty-year-old pitcher. During the last three years, Garza has spent quite some time on the disabled list due to injuries to his rib cage and elbow. Regardless, it seems that the Brewers are willing to make the risk with Garza, who at the age of thirty is still considered a young pitcher.

As a player, Garza has proved to be a hot-headed player who at times allows his feelings to get the most of him. On the field, Garza has demonstrated some difficulties fielding as well as attempting pitches for bunts. Despite these minor weaknesses in Garza’s pitching performance, he has proved to be a well-rounded and great starting pitcher when he is healthy.

Prior to the Garza’s signing, the Brewers had seemed out of the race in signing a free agent, as they had not yet signed a single one. However, the addition of Garza seems to be the Brewers’ exclamatory statement of having big things planned for this coming season. In the world of baseball, it seems as if a domino effect of great pitchers being signed has started with Tanaza’s contract. As for the Milwaukee Brewers, the $52 million contract with Matt Garza should prove to be well worth it. Furthermore, with the addition of Garza to their pitching rotation, the Brewers can expect great things in store for them this season.

By Aaron Weis


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