Justin Bieber and Rob Ford Continue to One Up Each Other

Justin Bieber

On Thursday morning, Justin Bieber was charged with DUI, not having a valid driver’s license, and resisting arrest after he was caught drag racing in Miami. Police said Bieber admitted to taking prescription medication, marijuana and alcohol, and he will be taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. In court, the judge set bond at $2,500. The Canadian-born pop star’s antics seem to frequently occur around the same time a public figure north of the border acts up, both continuing to one up each other every other week.

The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford was caught on video earlier this week shouting expletives in a drunken rant, which included insults at Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair for chasing after him for five months during the crack scandal. Ford was accompanied by someone who bears a striking resemblance to Alexander Lisi, his former driver and “friend” who was arrested in October for conspiracy to traffic, trafficking of marijuana, and marijuana possession. Ford has since admitted to drinking, not uncommon for the public figure who is known to have alcohol problems.

Both respective incidences by Rob Ford and Justin Bieber this week are just one of many incidences that have pulled them into the spotlight over the course of last year and these first few weeks of 2014. In the case of Rob Ford, he was caught on video smoking crack last year. The video was recovered during a police raid months after news about it broke out, and six days later in November, the mayor admitted he did indeed smoke crack. Ford staffers also admitted, in a document based on interviews with them, that they witnessed Ford driving under the influence, getting staff to purchase alcohol, taking Oxycontin, committing sexual harassment, and spending his downtime with prostitutes. The allegations have yet to be proven.

One of the more humorous comments Rob Ford made was in response to the accusation of how he said he wanted to have oral sex with a staffer. Ford denied the accusation, saying he is “happily married,” before making one of his more memorable slip ups Rob Ford made to the media.

The story of the mayor of Canada’s most populous city has reached global status, making him a popular figure for all the wrong reasons across the rest of North America, in China, the UK, Mexico, and Australia, among other countries.

Justin Bieber continues to cause as much headlines himself; he and Ford seemingly one upping each other every other week. Today’s arrest follows the egg throwing incident last week, in which damages to his neighbor’s home was reported to cost up to $20,000; thankfully for the pop star, no drugs were found when the police raided his house.

All this follows other incidences from last year in which Justin Bieber allegedly sped around his community in a Ferrari, before getting chased by one of his neighbors, Keyshawn Johnson, a retired NFL player. Bieber also allegedly started getting into vandalism after claims was made that he sprayed graffiti on a Rio de Janeiro hotel wall. Moreover, in Australia he was asked to clean up cartoon heads he vandalized in a hotel in Queensland. Allegations have been made for excessive alcohol consumption and drug use, all but were confirmed in today’s recent incident.

It has reached a point where laughing about the two “bad boys”┬áis no longer the reaction, in fact it is quite sad. Justin Bieber and Rob Ford are clearly on a path of self-destruction. The pop star and the Mayor’s lives could not be anymore different in terms of their upbringings, yet their antics are equally humiliating, both just continuing to one up each other, and unfortunately for Canada, both are products of the True North.

By Kollin Lore


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