Mother Tortured 3-Year-Old Son to Death [video]

Mother in Miami murdered her 3-year-old son Ghanson DebrosseA mother in Miami has been charged with torturing her 3-year-old son to death. Ghanson Debrosse was pronounced dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital North after being found at his home with indications of sexual abuse and severe trauma all over his body. The child’s 21-year-old mother, Fafane Caze, was arrested on Tuesday night and charged, after multiple hours of questioning, with her son’s murder.

North Miami Police Major Neal Cuevas reported that a call was received around 3:30 on Tuesday morning regarding a child who was not breathing. When officers arrived to the child’s home at 12501 NE 13th Avenue they found a toddler who had trauma over every inch of his body. The child was immediately rushed to the hospital. Ghanson was lifeless upon arrival and doctors believe the child had been dead for at least three hours.

Initially Caze told detectives that her son had recently returned from relatives and the abuse occurred while Ghanson was away. Caze said she picked the toddler up from the airport just two weeks prior, he was coming home from Haiti which is where he had been for an extended time with relatives. She said the child had received no injuries while at her home, instead he had been hurt while he was away with family.

Even though Ghanson had fresh injuries, in conjunction with older injuries, the North Miami’s chief of police decided to reach out to the Haitian National Police to check Craze’s story. Before her story could be confirmed or rejected Caze, after hours in custody, confessed to the abuse.

Miami Mother Tortured 3-Year-Old Son to DeathCuevas said Caze showed no emotion when confessing to detectives about her son’s abuse. She appeared more concerned about getting arrested and not being able to see her other two children than she was about her deceased child. Cuevas said after 40 years of service with the North Miami Police Department he has seen a great deal in all aspects of law enforcement but hearing about Ghanson’s abuse from investigators literally brought him to tears. Cuevas said just to know that this child did not even live five blocks from the police department and had to suffer like this.

Caze told investigators that after her son urinated on the floor she used a lighter to burn his genital area in an attempt to stop him from urinating on the floor. After he defecated on himself Caze beat him with an aluminum broom handle, detectives later found the broom inside the home broken in two pieces.

Law enforcement testified on Wednesday that Ghanson had burns on his face, fingers and genitals as well as buckle-shaped scars on his body. According to the report Caze had beaten her son with her security guard duty belt which left open wounds and multiple scars. She refused to seek medical attention in order to treat the toddler’s wounds professionally; instead she concocted a home remedy of laundry detergent and vegetable oil to treat his wounds.

Caze also told detectives that she had thrown her son across the room causing him to hit a table. Ghanson gasped for air and asked her for water as he struggled to breathe. This is when Caze decided to phone 911.

Miami Mother Tortured 3-Year-Old Son to DeathInitially Caze was jailed on one count of aggravated child abuse and torture. On Wednesday a judge decided to add a new charge of attempted felony murder. The charge of murder is pending while the medical examiner’s office collects a list of the child’s injuries.

Wednesday during a family services hearing Miami-Dade Judge Michael Hanzman ordered that Ghanson’s siblings be put in foster care together. He said Caze’s other two children, a one-year-old son and nearly 5-year-old daughter who also showed signs of abuse, need state services.

Esther Jacobo, Department of Children and Families secretary, said that in 2010 her agency had received three prior reports about this family. Jacobo said one of the incidents happened after Caze and Ghanson’s father, 41-year-old Donald Debrosse, had gotten into a serious altercation. She said the agency deals with parents who fight all the time; however they were concerned about Caze’s behavior because she was very violent. She had recently punched a mirror and broken it with her hand.

Jacobo reported that Caze had received services from the state aimed at improving her parenting skills but Ghanson was just an infant at that time. She said the agency had not received any other reports about the family since then and had no way of predicting this heartbreaking tragedy.

Fafane Caze has been charged with torturing her 3-year-old son, Ghanson Debrosse, to death. Debrosse was pronounced dead at Jackson Memorial Hospital North after being found with indications of sexual abuse and severe trauma all over his body.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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