Miley Cyrus Is Inspired by Disney’s Same-Sex Stance

Miley Cyrus Is Inspired by Disney's Same-sex Stance

Miley Cyrus, entertainer and activist for gay rights, is inspired by Disney’s same-sex stance on marriage.  Citing an episode of Good Luck Charlie, the singer is happily on board with Disney’s decision.  As the former star of the long running show Hannah Montana, Cyrus has graduated to less conservative views and has embraced the inclusivity that Disney is now displaying.  She still has ties to the company and no doubt will collect royalties for a very long time.  To be on the same page, so to speak, is inspiring to Cyrus.

Both Cyrus and Disney have been outspoken on their  views of same-sex couples and marriages.  For the young singer, as an individual, it is much easier to take a stance on certain issues than it is for a corporation.  Still, they are in agreement when it comes down to actions and words.  The approval from Cyrus was evident when Disney made the careful decision cast two women as a married lesbian couple in the latest episode of Good Luck Charlie.  Not that Disney needs an okay from Cyrus, but the open-minded singer is inspired by Disney’s same-sex stance.

Disney has traditionally been a conservative family oriented company, promoting values through families in many of their programs and movies.  As things have changed and the normal family is branching into new dimensions, the company has recognized the time is right to incorporate all mixes of families in their programs.  Quietly supporting gay relationships since 1995, Disney allows for same-sex health benefits for partners of their employees.

Walt Disney World has hosted many same-sex marriages, yet is not shouting it loud and clear.  Disney is still conservative in many ways, supporting the Republican view on not allowing casinos in the state of Florida.  Its top priority continues to be the balance of catering to the traditional father and mother family, while keeping everyone happy in the world of enchantment.  It can mean walking a fine line.

The Disney channel casually and naturally introduced two moms of a preschooler during their story line in a recent episode of Good Luck Charlie.  It was not an awkward moment, or one that drew attention, it was simply a fact of modern life.  After consideration to accept the growing trend of same-sex couples and include it in family television, Disney consulted with LGBT and child development experts.

While the episode was being developed over the past summer, the anti-gay group One Million Moms was not happy with the prospect of a lesbian couple on a Disney show.  They stated, as even though it may be legal, it is not moral.  Their efforts were considered, but Disney plowed ahead with the ground-breaking introduction of a same-sex couple on Good Luck Charlie.

As for Cyrus, she has kept the media and fans in awe with her antics and openness.  She will not confirm or deny any reports of her own sexuality, remaining to simply support equality of all people.  She was inspired by Disney’s same-sex stance and tweeted these words:

“I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control so much of what kids think.”

Cyrus will always have ties to Disney as she continues to reach her own goals through her music and ambition.  As an entertainer, she has the power to influence lives and change hearts towards more openness and acceptance around the world.  As Disney would say, It’s a Small World after all……..we are all more alike than we are different.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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