Miley Cyrus No Tongue for Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus No Tongue for Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus teams up once again with clothes designer Marc Jacobs but there is no tongue for him in her latest collaboration. The controversial singer has been popping her tongue out steadily in her transitional phrase from pop-cutie to sexualised songstress.

All through 2013 the 21 year-old ex Disney television star has been stretching the boundaries of poor taste by revealing as much of her bare body as possible. On top of the increased sexual connotations, Cyrus has resorted to sticking her tongue out for most of her photographic sessions.

The former Hannah Montana star firmly stomped her squeaky-clean “kiddy” image into the dust as she courted controversy in her MTV VMA appearance in August 2013. She then followed up her sex charged live performance with three music videos where she sang of sex, drugs and money in We Can’t Stop; appeared naked, save for a pair of Doc Martins and a wrecking ball in Wrecking Ball and masturbated in Adore You.

Earlier in 2013, Miley posed naked for a Marc Jacobs fashion t-shirt with the slogan “Protect the Skin You’re In” hiding her nipples. The shirt was for charity aided cancer research and the shirts were signed by both Jacobs and Robert Duffy. Cyrus has gotten with the designer once more but has no tongue for Marc Jacobs this time. The advertisement is to spread the word, on his 2014 fashion line.

While Miley has toned down her own campaign of sexualization for the advert, she has not left controversy to lay dormant in her glum pictorial for Jacobs. She is seated by a young woman who is supine on the sand, eyes open and apparently dead.

Behind Cyrus and the dead girl is another female model looking, it seems, at the lifeless young lady in blue next to the singer. The advertisement’s color scheme appears to be blue and red, in the case of the corpse, the blue is handled by the outfit and red represented by her hair. Arguably, the girl in the background could be wearing any color as she is in shadow, but, the duo of Cyrus and the dead girl seem to set the tone of the piece.

The dead girl advertisement is just the latest of Jacobs’ “dead girl” themed photographs. Ben Affleck posed with a “dead” Rosamund Pike. The expired Pike wears a bra and half slip as well as a tag on her toe. Affleck is curled around the body as the two recline on a hospital gurney.

This attention to the death of females for advertising is not new. It has been pointed out that advertisers have used the theme of dead “dames” repeatedly. So Cyrus’ appearance in the advert with the dead girl at her side may still be controversial but not in a singular or individualistic way. Miley has been concentrating on sexualising herself to appear more grown-up. It seems that in this instance, the singer teaming with Marc Jacobs has less to do with the shock factor, no tongue, and more with her ongoing collaboration with the designer.

By Michael Smith


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