Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon Step Into the Ring for Round Two

Pamela Anderson and Ellen Degeneres

Pamela Anderson and film producer Rick Salomon are married again. Anderson, 46 and Salomon, 45 have had a relationship with more twists and turns than the roller coaster at Six Flags.

Married in October 2007, Pamela Anderson and Salomon decided they couldn’t live with each other and split 60 days later. The spark must still be around though. In August 2013, the couple was smiley, playing kissy-kissy and splashing each other in the ocean at Hawaii.

On the Ellen DeGeneres show in October, Anderson said the she and Salomon were “best friends with benefits.” DeGneres pointed out that Anderson keeps going back to the same guys and Anderson just smiled. Maybe it’s recycling, Hollywood style.

This is Pamela Anderson’s fourth marriage. She was married to drummer Tommy Lee from 1995 until 1998 and Kid Rock from 2006 until 2007. Salomon has been married three times previously. Elizabeth Daily was number 1. Shannen Doherty was the second Mrs. Salomon, but that might not count as the marriage was annulled after 9 months.

Anderson and Salomon aren’t the first couple to tie the knot — twice — with each other. There have been some other famous couples that agreed to stay together “until death.” Maybe that should really read, “Until the next time around.”

Marie Osmond, kid sister of the 70s group The Osmonds married Stephen Craig in 1982. Craig, a BYU basketball player and Osmond had a son together before calling it quits three years later. Two marriages and seven children down the road, Osmond and Craig reunited.

Elizabeth Taylor famously walked the aisle a total of eight times. Two of those times were to movie star Richard Burton. The first try for matrimony between the two lasted one year. Things weren’t any better the second time around as it didn’t even go twelve months.

Natalie Wood, the self-destructive actress who gained fame as a teen actress was twice hitched to actor Robert Wagner. The actress, who starred in several movies including “West Side Story” and “Rebel Without a Cause,” died in a mysterious drowning off of California’s Catalina Island when she was 43.

Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker may have set some records for having the most volatile and explosive relationship of all time. Divorced in 2006, there were constant rumors that they were giving marriage another chance. When Barker was in a plane crash, Moakler ran to his side. In 2009, Moakler told US Weekly that the couple would be having another wedding to repeat the vows. “When you almost lose a loved-one, it makes you appreciate things you took for granted,” she said. Must have not mattered too much as a few months later, they split again.

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson got married in Las Vegas when Griffith had just turned 18. Shortly after that the two got divorced. Griffith went on to marry someone else, but after a lot of alcohol, she divorced her second husband to remarry her first. After trying the on-again-off-again route for a little while they split for good.

So, Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon step into the ring for round two. They’re not the first couple, as you can see, and knowing Hollywood, they likely won’t be the last.

By Jerry Nelson



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