Pizza Hut by the Slice

Pizza Hut offers pizza by the slice

In the most recent business venture from Pizza Hut, customers can expect to be able to order their pizza by the slice in the future. While many fast food and Italian restaurants have offered pizza by the slice on their menus the Hut has been reluctant to make the same offer but now they are serving it up one piece at a time in two test locations starting this week and depending on how the test turns out the offer may spread.

Starting in York, NE and Pawtucket, RI ordering by the slice will be offered to customers in an effort for Pizza Hut to keep up with competitors. Starting today customers can order a slice of pizza which will only take three to four minutes to cook and will be priced at two to three dollars. These slices of pizza will stray slightly from the old Pizza Hut recipe to accommodate a thinner style making the slice of pizza fast and easy.

Pizza Hut’s Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Walsh said the move was because, “We’re seeing the trends for quick and ready products,” in reference to the fact that many customers have been choosing restaurant quality over fast food in recent years. These trends are reportedly because people believe that they can have restaurant quality food in the same time it takes them to order and receive their food at fast food locations.

In an effort to keep up with the competition and satisfy the customers, Pizza Hut is now offering the pizza by the slice as a faster solution to customers looking for pizza on the go. As other food chains have, in the past, been offering solutions such as smaller pizzas, simpler recipes, make your own creations, and hot and ready pizza already available, the fast and easy pizza by the slice could be the best move in marketing and customer satisfaction for Pizza Hut chains everywhere.

It has not been said how long the two locations will be running a test trial on the new offer by Pizza Hut but while they are offering pizza by the slice the two locations will be equipped with new ovens designed for heating the slices, in addition to the older ovens that they have for cooking full size pizzas. While Rhode Island and Nebraska have the only two locations offering pizza by the slice, starting today, if the tests are successful this menu item is expected to expand quickly.

The Pizza Hut franchise has more than 6,000 locations to which they could expand the offer. Some customers in other locations are already getting excited about being able to order pizza by the slice while other customers just want their whole pizza faster.

While pizza by the slice is a great move for dine-in customers, Pizza Hut’s business is largely based on their carry-out and delivery profits. Customers who enjoy ordering out from Pizza Hut do not foresee using the new menu offer very often as they need to be able to feed not only themselves but their whole families quickly.

As Pizza Hut continues to try to find ways to better their product by making a new move on pizza by the slice, customers can hope for a successful test and an offer in their area or they can continue to order the usual.

By Crystal Boulware


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