Paul Walker Death: Twitter Users Warn Justin Bieber to Learn From Tragedy

Paul Walker death twitter users warn Justin Bieber to learn from tragedy

Paul Walker’s death sparked an outpouring of emotion from fans around the globe. The Fast & Furious actor tragically died in a fiery car accident in Santa Clarita, California, on Nov. 30, 2013. Walker was seated in the passenger side of the vehicle, while friend and business partner Roger Rodas was at the wheel. Although Walker was neither driving nor intoxicated at the time of his crash, many have taken to Twitter to compare Walker’s death with the dangerous position that Justin Bieber put himself in, just before he was, allegedly, arrested by police for drag racing and driving under the influence.

According to police accounts, Bieber and R&B singer Khalil Sharieff were drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini and a red Ferrari, respectively, along a residential Miami Beach street. Police approximate the pair to have been traveling at 55 mph in a 30 mph zone, on Jan. 23; SUVs were used to block off traffic to 26th and Pine Tree Drive to facilitate the event. The singing sensation was also charged with having an expired driving license and resisting arrest.

During a brief appearance in court, Bieber was accused of driving while under the influence of marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol.

Bieber’s actions have sparked great controversy, and divided opinion among the public. Although many of the Baby star’s fans claim they will stick by their idol, others were less impressed by his latest antics. Members of the public have taken to social networking sites to compare Walker’s car collision to the Bieber’s latest, reported, intoxicated actions.

Walker was the passenger of a Porsche Carrera GT, at the time of his death. Some have remarked on the dangers linked to inappropriate use of high-performance supercars. Based upon the report released by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, the pair were estimated to be traveling over 100 miles an hour before they crashed. Although Bieber was traveling at around half the speed of Walker and Rodas, it has been pointed out, on numerous occasions, that Bieber was alleged to have been intoxicated. Twitter users began voicing their personal opinions on the subject:

@PIZZAWIFl, meanwhile, offered a slightly more whimsical opinion on the matter:

Harry Styles gives paparazzi a burger
@PIZZAWIFl uploads image explaining why she feels One Direction’s Harry Styles is a better role model than Bieber.

Other Twitter users argue that Bieber was lucky to have been stopped by Miami police officers, suggesting it was possible that he could have injured himself – along with innocent parties in the area – had officers not interrupted.

Meanwhile, a hoard of famous faces have also been asked for their impressions on the incident. During the Grammys, Extra took the opportunity to interview a number of high profile celebrities, including Jamie Foxx, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, asking for their reflections on the 19-year-old singer. Perry offered her curt assessment: “He’ll figure it out… or he won’t. We’ll see! Keep watching.” Meanwhile, Grande – who is part of the same management – claimed that he was in good hands and would be “fine.” Foxx said that it was perfectly natural to have fun in show business, but “longevity” was also a highly rewarding payoff.

However, new revelations surrounding the case appear to be emerging all the time. CNN reports that two breath tests showed Bieber’s blood-alcohol level to be under the 0.08 percent legal limit for drivers, following his arrest. In addition, the levels were also below the 0.02 percent limit for drivers that are under the legal drinking age of 21. On the other hand, it remains unclear as to when these tests were performed and, according to police officials, Bieber confessed to taking prescription drugs and using marijuana. Furthermore, Bieber is also said to have failed the field sobriety test.

The arrest report stipulates that Bieber had a “flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Bieber took to Twitter. Although the star did not address his arrest, he took the opportunity to thank his enduring fans for all their support and claimed they changed his life:

In the meantime, a petition was recently created on a White House website requesting Bieber’s expulsion from the United States, primarily based upon his “… dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug abusing…” behavior. Thus far, the petition has achieved over 110,000 signatures; however, it remains unclear as to whether the White House will respond to the petition.

By James Fenner


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6 Responses to "Paul Walker Death: Twitter Users Warn Justin Bieber to Learn From Tragedy"

  1. Sandy Tomes   February 10, 2014 at 8:09 am

    RIP Paul Walker. I will see you in heaven!

  2. Kanime   February 4, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Sometimes its cool to take risks, though it might turn out other way round. The world will be boring without surprise, although it will be worse without celebrities.

  3. allure searles   February 2, 2014 at 10:24 am

    I don’t want justin to end up like our beloved Paul walker who was a wonderful man with a genuine heart of gold he is going to missed dearly I will never forget Paul walker r.i.p. to him and my prayers goes out to his family and friends but like I said I do not want justin to end up like him justin needs to start thinking about what he is doing and learn to be careful his out of control behavior is going to get worse he should slow down a bit and learn from Paul walker ‘ s tragedy and take it easy .

  4. asdf   January 30, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    so disrespectful of you guys to write about him in this way just to get the hits. sorry site u are.

  5. shannon   January 30, 2014 at 5:20 am

    it should have been justin bieber that died not Paul Walker

  6. Rebecca Kilkeary   January 30, 2014 at 4:17 am

    paul walker and justin soo diffrent one a kind guy the other a moron

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