Police Examine Oklahoma City Hospital for Possible Bomb Threat


A rush of sobriety has hit the community and police as they examine Oklahoma City Hospital for a possible bomb threat.  This emergency at St. Anthony’s Hospital occurred at about 1:10 p.m. Monday afternoon, right around N.W. 10th St. and Lee Ave.

Officers have put up signs and assigned crews to barricade streets in the surrounding areas as they investigate what has happened after a man signed himself into the emergency room for treatment, discarding a backpack outside. When a security guard spotted the item, and inspected it, he immediately called the city police.

Because the police are carefully examining the bag found at Oklahoma City Hospital for a possible bomb threat, the hospital has been ordered under surveillance.  The facility is now officially under a lock down.  Other hospitals in the surrounding areas are taking clients that would otherwise be admitted. Ambulances are being diverted elsewhere to get help for patients.

Part of the emergency room has been deserted without hesitation, and a bomb investigation crew has been carefully investigating the situation.

By Danelle Cheney


News OK City

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