Police Seized Three Suspects After Infant Died From Abusive Blows to Head

Infant died from abusive head injuries in England's Manchester County

Police have seized three suspects after infant died from abusive blows to the head in the Royal Manchester Hospital.  Police were called to help the seven-month baby boy at 2:10 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 26, out of the Clarksfield area of Oldham. After the infant died, the investigation revealed he perished from abusive trauma to the head.

It is an appalling case in which police have stated their determination to uncover the reasons surrounding the infant’s head injuries.

Three suspects have been captured in Greater Manchester:  a woman (age 23), a man (age 26) and a man (age 35). Their initial charges are murder and conniving to brutalize the infant.

The leading Detective Andy Cunliffe acknowledged the terrible shock that people would feel upon receiving the mournful news.  He insisted that the news was delivered in a manner that assured the public they were investigating the possible suspects, causes, and surrounding circumstances to bring about justice as soon as possible in the wake of the tragedy.

Originally the woman and 35-year-old man were were seized with charges of assault from section 18.  They later added the third man as a suspect.

The three suspects have been seized for questioning in the tragic case of the infant death from abusive blows to the head.

By Danelle Cheney



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