Rashida Jones The Wasp in Ant Man Movie?

Rashida Jones The Wasp in Ant Man?

Will Rashida Jones be The Wasp to Paul Rudd’s Ant Man? Who will Bryce Dallas-Howard play, or Michael Pena, in the Ant Man movie? All three, Variety reported, might be added to the cast of the Ant-Man flick, just around 24 hours after Michael Douglas signed up to be Hank Pym, the original Ant Man of 1960s comic book fame. Rudd will be Scott Lang, Pym’s successor as Ant Man in the movie, which is set for release July 31, 2015.

Rashida Jones and Bryce Dallas-Howard are both being considered to play the lead female role in the Ant Man. According to Bleeding Cool, the female lead will be the second male lead’s daughter, which could mean the daughter of Hank Pym (Michael Douglas).

Though Pym didn’t have a daughter in the Ant Man comic books, if Pym is given a daughter in the movie, writer Joe Cornish might rework her into the character from the comic books of Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp.

In the comics, Janet Van Dyne was the romantic interest of Hank Pym’s — if she becomes his daughter in the movie version, perhaps whoever is chosen to play her will then become Scott Lang’s romantic love interest in the Ant-Man movie.

Scott Lang is motivated in the comics to steal Ant Man’s costume and gear to commit a robbery to save his sick daughter, before he eventually teams up with Pym and then becomes the new Ant-Man. So, perhaps either Rashida Jones or Bryce Dallas-Howard will be Lang’s daughter in Ant-Man, and one will play his love interest.

Rashida Jones The Wasp in Ant Man?

Who will Michael Pena play in the movie Ant Man?

Michael Pena, who has recently co-starred in American Hustle and previously in End of Watch, 30 Seconds or Less, Observe and Report and Crash, has been offered a role in Ant Man, but exactly what role he’s been offered hasn’t been confirmed. It is thought that he will probably play one of the as-yet-unnamed villains in the movie, but that is so far just a rumor.

Michael Pena has also portrayed labor activist Cesar Chavez in the movie Chavez. Besides being in theses films, Pena will appear in an upcoming yet-to-be-named war movie directed by David Ayer and co-starring Shia LeBeouf and Brad Pitt.

Rashida Jones has a great chance of being offered one of the lead female roles, as she has acted with Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man, Our Idiot Brother, and in the TV series Parks and Recreation.

Bryce Dallas-Howard Might be chosen for one of the female roles, also, but she is involved with acting in Jurassic World right now. Her name hasn’t been mentioned as a potential cast member until fairly recently.

Director Edgar Wright had plans to bring the two Ant-Men together since 2006, when he was first told he’d be the director of the film. The movie will relate how Scott Lang steals Henry Pym’s Ant Man suit, pulls off a series of heists, and how he and Pym become friends and team up against a common foe.

Director Edgar Wright has suggested that, while there will be plenty of action in Ant Man, it will also contain more touches of humor than previous Marvel superhero movies have.

Whatever role Rashida Jones eventually lands, it would be great to see her playing The Wasp, so I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed. Produced by Disney, the Marvel superhero flick Ant Man, starring Michael Douglas as Hank Pym and Paul Rudd as Scott Lang — both in the role of Ant Man — is scheduled to be in theaters nationwide July 31, 2015.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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  1. mickrussom   January 18, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    Rashida grew up with insane levels of mentally disabled liberalism infecting her mind. I love how she called out people who shame themselves like Miley. Good. She should come to the side of light and goodness.

  2. Joe Jones   January 14, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    This movie will bomb harder than Green Lantern. My advice to Hollywood… Don’t do it.

    I don’t believe I ever knew a single person who was an ant man fan, or even knew it existed. And I spent a lot of time around comic readers too. Spend your money on making another movie, please.

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