Rob Ford Sued for Connection to Jailhouse Beating

Rob Ford
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is back in the spotlight today after a suit has been filed against him for his alleged connection to a brutal jailhouse beating. Ford is being sued by his sister’s former common-law husband Scott Macintyre. Macintyre alleges that Ford was behind a brutal beating he received while in jail on March 22, 2012. Macintyre is also suing Payman Aboodowieh, Aedon Petros, and the Ministry of Correctional services. According to Macintyre, Aboodowieh—a football acquaintance of Ford–helped Ford to plan the attack. Petros committed the assault itself. Macintyre is suing the ministry for their negligence, before and after the beating.

The conflict began in January of 2012. Macintyre was arrested at Ford’s house after threatening to kill him. The dispute was over a debt that Ford’s sister supposedly owed Macintyre. Macintyre was heard mumbling threats under his breath to Ford as he was being placed into the police car. These threats were concerning Ford’s then secret drug and alcohol abuse, as well as his criminal affiliations. Later in prison, Macintyre wrote a letter to Ford’s sister. The letter restated the threats. It warned Ford to be careful how Macintyre was treated in prison because of the sensitive nature of the information he possessed.

According to Macintyre, before and after the letter, he began to receive threats from other inmates. These threats came mainly from Aedon Petros, a former player under Ford at Don Bosco High School. The friendship between Ford and Petros is one of the main ties in connecting Ford to the jailhouse beatings. Macintyre was told to keep his mouth shut, letting what happened behind closed doors stay there. This was in reference to Ford’s drug abuse, and Macintyre was told to leave “Mr. Ford” out of it. Apparently, these threats were not enough.

On March 22, 2012, Macintyre was attacked near the shower room in cell block 1B. The attack was brutal, leaving Macintyre with several serious injuries. These injuries included a broken left leg, numerous facial lacerations and severe dental damage. According to Macintyre, the guards that were usually posted near the shower were nowhere to be found. Help did not arrive until well after the beating. His lawsuit contends that he waited almost two days before he was taken to a hospital, so that his injuries could be treated. At least four of Macintyre’s teeth were broken and shattered at the gum line. The dental damage was not treated until almost two months after the attack.

Macintyre is suing Ford and each of the defendants for one million dollars in punitive damages, as well as pain and suffering. None of these accusations have been proven in court. However in June of 2012 when Macintyre was sentenced, Judge Paul French commented on the attack. French inferred that the beating occurred to Macintyre because he was a “bother” To Mr. Ford.

The Ministry of Correctional Services has yet to make a statement. However, Ford’s attorney and friend Dennis Morris had much to say on the topic. Morris called Ford’s connection to the beating “farfetched.” He went on to say that Ford having any knowledge of the beating prior to its occurrence was plain “insanity.” According to Morris, Rob Ford being sued for his connection to these jailhouse beatings is just another drop in a huge bucket—a bucket of defamation that has surrounded the mayor in the past few months. Sean Dewart and Tim Gleason, Macintyre’s representation, declined comment.

By Chris Chisam

The Globe and Mail
Toronto Sun
CBC News

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