Samsung Group Thrilled Google is Selling Smartphone Brand Motorola

Anticipation is high for the next version of the Samsung Group’s Galaxy smartphone, and the company could not be happier that Google, its competitor, is selling its own smartphone brand, Motorola Mobility, to Lenovo. The sale means that Google will no longer be entering the smartphone creation market, which was, and would have continued to, cut into the Samsung Group’s profit.

The relationship between Google and Motorola served as Google’s way of announcing its entrance into the world of smartphones, but also triggered fear at the Samsung Group. With a company like Google making its own version of a smartphone, the Nexus, that launched in 2010, every other cell phone company needed to step up and offer a high-performance smartphone, if they were not already. The Apple iPhone has owned the majority of the market for years, so it has not made sense for competing companies to further inter-compete. In other words, for Samsung, Google, and Motorola, a collaboration or a meeting of the minds is more sensible than a rivalry, to ever stand a chance at competing with Apple.

Since Google has not found financial success in the smartphone arena, the sale of its attempt at manufacturing smartphones, via Motorola Mobility, is thrilling for the Samsung Group, as it opens up a portion of the market for the next version of its Galaxy series smartphone. Anticipation is high among current Samsung smartphone users who wonder whether the newest version, the Galaxy S5, will offer changes that were not made when the company went from the Galaxy S3 to the S4. Without Google in the smartphone “race” and back to what it has historically done best (creating software), the Galaxy S5 and other Samsung products can continue on with high quality performance.

The Samsung Group has also announced its plan to launch a pair of smart glasses. Similar to the Google Glass product, Samsung’s version is called Galaxy Glass for the time being, and is predicted to be unveiled at IFA 2014, the leading home appliance and consumer electronics trade show. The event takes place in Berlin, September 5-10, 2014. Right now, in addition to phones and tablets (and its full range of electronics and appliances),  Samsung is selling its Galaxy Gear line that includes a smart watch, which met the public at IFA 2013. Samsung believes these “wearables” are the wave of the future and will revolutionize the way we communicate with one another and access information. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, various versions of wearable technology stole the show.

As the Samsung Group expands its product line, and eventually releases the Galaxy S5 smartphone, the company is thrilled to no longer be competing with Google, who is in the process of selling Motorola Mobility. Instead, Samsung’s line of phones can take advantage of Google’s outstanding software creations via Android without competition. If the Samsung Group can come to an agreement with Google on specifications, interface and apps, the Galaxy line of smartphones may be better equipped to compete with Apple’s iPhone.

By K. Corrine Van Vliet


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  1. 1111a   February 24, 2014 at 11:34 am

    This statement is no longer true: “The Apple iPhone has owned the majority of the market for years, so it has not made sense for competing companies to further inter-compete”

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