Tesla Los Angeles to New York Feat Displays Mounting Confidence


Tesla is displaying a mounting sense of confidence using their innovative network of superchargers to drive from Los Angeles to New York without spending a dime. Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) is on the brink of establishing itself as a major rival among the biggest automobile manufacturers in the industry. This all due to its next step of asserting its dominance by giving its owners a way out of paying at the pump. As Tesla flexes its muscles, the company is further proving that electric cars are going to be an increasingly viable alternative for American consumers.

Since recent, it was a nearly impossible venture that an electric vehicle could compete with a car with an internal combustion engine. After all, gasoline-driven cars have been around for over one-hundred years without much competition. However, Tesla has shown that travelling by means of a gasoline-driven car is becoming parochial in nature. The problem electric car manufacturers have had id to make fossil fuel alternatives a more sustainable means of transportation. Regarding the refueling process and the infrastructure with which to provide it, therein lies the problem

Tesla’s publicly-displayed stunt was opening day for showing off its futuristic network of charging stations – superchargers. Its transcontinental journey will take over three days and surpass over three thousand miles. While such a venture may cost hundreds of dollars in even the most fuel efficient car, Tesla will embark on its tour of Middle America from Los Angeles to New York using chargers that are free of charge to display its mounting confidence.

The Model S has seen an astronomical jump in global sales with its introduction into the Chinese automotive market. People enjoy these cars due to the fact that they can travel for three-hundred miles on a single charge. Tesla sales were 20% over what analysts projected in the final financial quarter of 2013. Therefore, Tesla’s infrastructure goals will come more into fruition as sales will undoubtedly increase in 2014.


Tesla anticipates more direct routes across the country as more of its supercharger stations are constructed by the end of 2014. As well, the company plans to cover 98% of the country with means of charging cars by 2015. The main selling point of the Model S and other models in their arsenal are in direct response to oil prices. Tesla owners can use superchargers free of charge. While the price of a barrel of oil is anticipated to sharply increase by some energy analysts, government subsides now lessen the current blow it could have on the automotive industry.

Even if oil prices plateau the fact that the car costs the buyer absolutely nothing after it’s purchased it remarkable. Tesla has already completed its charging infrastructure in half of Europe. Owners can now “fill up” for free while travelling between Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. As Tesla continues its ambitious program to connect product with consumers, the reluctance of buying a fossil fuel alternative vehicle may be subdued. Tesla has proved that electric cars have the possibility to become a staple of an emerging market among the nation’s top producers of automobiles in the United States. This is shown in full force as their confidence grows with their feat to drive from Los Angeles to New York for free.

By: Alex Lemieux



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