San Jose Police Arrest Arsonist a Registered Sex Offender for 12 Fires

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San Jose police assistant chief, Edgardo Garcia announced the arrest of arsonist suspect, Patrick William Brennan. Late last night police arrested Brennan – the suspect had a record that created suspicion leading to his arrest. Brennan is not only a registered arsonist, he is also a registered sex offender. Within the past week, 12 fires have been set, all reportedly, by the hands of Brennan.

Patrick William Brenner
Patrick William Brenner

Residents and business owners in and surrounding downtown have remained cautious. The owner of one business, Sal Madrigal of MGM Drywall has around the clock security for his business. Madrigal’s business has been targeted twice, once within the past week, when a small fire was set. Madrigal celebrated with his family this morning after finding out the arrest of Brennan. Many of his neighbors are joining him.

Sources state police had Brennan under surveillance for a minimum of one day before moving in for the arrest. Homes, especially those for low income elderly residents were hit during the string of arson attacks. Additionally, small to mid-sized businesses were hit with small fires – that fortunately caused no extensive damages for the business owners. The same cannot be said for a residence were a couple had to dash from.  It seems the city can now take a deep breath as the suspect, a registered sex offender was arrested and remains under police control this morning. 12 fires were set within the past week, and residents like Madrigal are elated to know the suspected culprit is off the streets.



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