Selena Gomez to Be Brought in for Questioning?

Selena Gomez to Be Brought in for Questioning?

Just when it seemed that the saga of Justin Bieber and his eggs-capade could go no further, it sounds like Selena Gomez might have to be brought in for questioning. Some websites have reported that police are just wasting their time looking for any physical evidence. However, they may have the chance to speak to an eye-witness.


Sources have said that on the fateful night of the egg attack on Bieber neighbor Jeffrey Schwarz; who claims that he saw the 19 year-old pop star actually throw the eggs at his house. Schwarz is said to have been on his balcony during the attack and exchanged words with the singer as he hurled eggs and abuse in his direction.

Police searched Bieber’s home, a mansion in Calabasas, California under the auspices of a felony search warrant. Damages in excess of $20,000 took the offense out of misdemeanor territory and planted it firmly in the realms of a felony. The local cops, who have been to Bieber’s house quite a few times, found no physical evidence linking the Canadian pop star to an egg attack. Law enforcement officials did find a bowl of drugs and confiscated Bieber’s cell phone and his home security system.

While police search both the cell phone and the security tape footage, they could call for Selena Gomez to be brought in for questioning. Apparently the 21 year-old on-again-off-again girlfriend of Bieber was at a party on the “night of the eggs,” at his Calabasas home. According to at least one website, she was photographed earlier on the same evening riding a Segway along with Justin.

Selena Gomez to Be Brought in for Questioning?
They had joy; they had fun; they had Segways in the sun…

Later that same evening, Justin’s neighbor, Schwarz called the police to say he had seen Bieber throwing eggs at his front door. Allegedly he shouted at Bieber and asked what he was doing. There was no mention of Selena Gomez in Schwarz’s recounting of events, but, it seems that the Slow Down singer was there at a party.

It may well be that the events of that night ended in another break-up between the newly reunited lovers. According to some reports, police found some pretty tacky texts from Bieber to Gomez. In fact, there have been claims that Justin also sent a picture of his erect penis to Selena with the caption, “Don’t tell me you aren’t missing this.”

The authenticity of both the texts and the picture of Bieber’s erect member have been called into question by members of Bieber’s camp. His rep denied that the texts and the picture were real and went on to say that they were the work of a traitor in the Bieber posse.

It was also reported that in addition to the bowl of what police believe to be MDMA, aka Molly, jars of weed and other various items connected to drugs were found during the search of Bieber’s house. Bongs were found in several rooms as well as soft drink bottles “stained” by codeine pills – a principal ingredient of lean, aka sizzurp or Purple Drank.

Apart from the bowl of MDMA, which Bieber housemate Lil Za claimed as his, the police have actually reported that no weed was found. They also denied finding any drug paraphernalia. Law enforcement officials have not said what they might have found on the security camera footage found at Bieber’s house, but, they did say that the system was “state of the art.”

In the meantime, Selena headed up to Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah to be at the premiere of her movie Rudderless . She was spied at the Grey Goose Blue Door on Main Street and appeared to be enjoying her night out. In fact, she was having so much fun that she got up onstage to perform a couple of songs for the audience.

It seems that the Come and Get It singer is keeping to her vow to have a little “me time.” Selena Gomez could, however, have her good mood spoiled if she has to be brought in and questioned about Bieber’s eggs-capade. Hopefully Bieber’s ex had left the premises before things got all messy.

By Michael Smith


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