Sunanda Pushkar: a Mysterious Death

Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor

The sudden demise of Sunanda Pushkar, the wife of a high-profile Indian minister and United Nations official Shashi Tharoor, still remains a mystery to all. The body of Pushkar was discovered in a hotel room in the capital Delhi on Friday evening.

Doctors who performed the post-mortem autopsy said Sunanda Pushkar’s death was unnatural and sudden, and there were injury marks on her body. However, news agency IANS said, “It could be a case of drug overdose but things would be clear only after the detailed autopsy report.’’ They also added that it could be an overdose of sleeping pills. The doctors will release the full autopsy report in the next few days.

This happened just two days after Pushkar, 52, had written on Twitter that her husband was having a romantic affair with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Ms. Pushkar, 52, is glamorous and well-known for her active presence in social media. She said she had accessed her husband’s Twitter account and found his connections with Mehr Tarar. She also published the private messages between Shashi Tharoor and Mehr Tarar on her husband’s Twitter feed.

Ms. Pushkar backed off one day later, making a joint statement with her husband on Thursday that the release of the messages had been unauthorized, and claiming that the couple was ‘‘happily married.”

The Pakistani journalist denied the allegation, saying she would sue Pushkar for defamation. After hearing of Pushkar’s death, Tahrar said she was absolutely shocked. “This is too awful for words. So tragic I don’t know what to say. Rest in peace, Sunanda.” She tweeted.

The 57-year-old London-born Tharoor is a Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He was taken to hospital complaining of chest pains after his wife’s death. He has been Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development since 2012. He was forced to leave from his first ministerial job after his controversial involvement for betting in the Indian Premier League on a cricket team from his home state of Kerala in 2010.

In 2010, Mr Tharoor married Ms Pushkar, a former Dubai-based businesswoman. It was the third marriage for both of them.

Pushkar’s body was found in room number 345 of the Leela Palace Hotel at about 8:30 pm by Shashi Tharoor. The couple were staying at the hotel because their Delhi bungalow house was under renovation.

Cremation and services for Pushkar took place at the Lodhi Road Crematorium, near the couple’s Lodhi estate in South Delhi.

Who is Mehr Tarar

Mehr tarar

The name ‘‘Mehr Tarar’’ has suddenly come to the spotlight overnight. Tarar was an editor and journalist of the Daily Times of Pakistan and has been working there for 3 years, but had recently quit. She is known for her columns in the newspaper and are recognized all over the country. The 45-year-old Lahore-based journalist is mother of a thirteen year old boy is a graduate of West Virginia University in the United States. She is reportedly to be separated from her husband, a wealthy businessman based in Bahrain.

By Rahad Abir


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  1. Neha Sharma   January 20, 2014 at 10:34 am

    RIP sunanda Pushkar… My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Shashi Tharoor and the near and dear ones.

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