‘Titanfall’ Player Counts and Wedbush Sales Prediction

Titanfall Player count and sales prediction estimate

The gaming community recently exploded upon learning that the upcoming, mech-sporting multiplayer game Titanfall would only feature 12 human players in each individual match, or six combatants on each team.

Player count in Titanfall revealed by Vince Zampella
Vince Zampella explains Titanfall’s player count on Twitter.

The news was announced by Respawn Entertainment cofounder Vince Zampella. The studio boss took to Twitter to explain that matches would be restricted to a 6v6 maximum player count. In delivering the news, Zampella explained that the player count was not a reflection of the technical limitations of any of the platforms, but merely an attempt to fine-tune the gameplay.

During past previews of the game, public demonstrations of Titanfall matches had been restricted to 6v6 counts. However, this restriction had not been officially confirmed for the final game’s final release, until recently.

The former Infinity Ward CEO then faced the ire of enraged gamers, who were somewhat displeased by the announcement. While numerous fans vented their spleen – with some indicating they were thankful they had not preordered the title – others among the community were slightly more optimistic. With each player having the ability to command their own Titan mech across the multiplayer terrain, some proponents of the move argue the battlefield would become too crowded with a greater player count.

In responding to detractors of the decision, Zampella explained that the game “felt best” with this number of players, before going on to answer another fan’s questions over upgradability options of Titans:

“… there is enough to make it fun, the players are the real threat tho : ) we will have unlocks for the players and titans.”

Later, Zampella also indicated that the 6v6 count only referred to human players. Taking AI players into consideration, a total of 48 soldiers will grace the battlefield. Aside from the enemy AI, each human player will have their own Titan that can be set to “follow or guard” modes.

Zampella had also previously announced, on Dec. 28, 2013, that Titanfall would not include mod support at launch. However, he didn’t entirely rule out the possibility of providing mod support on a post-release basis.

Titanfall is Respawn’s upcoming blockbuster title, which will pit players against one another in a series of multiplayer arenas. The game involves two factions vying for supremacy – the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. Both sides can pilot enormous mechanized devices, called Titans. Alternatively, players can simply free-run through the environments, chaining together jumps and gathering momentum while running.

With the game set for release in March, analysts are already starting to evaluate how well the game is likely to perform. Wedbush Securities industry analyst Michael Pachter estimates that Electronic Arts – Titanfall‘s publisher – could shift up to around 10 million units, but only in the event the game bags an aggregate review score of above 90:

“My best guess is 6 – 10 million units, depending upon the game review scores.  If it gets above a 90, it will likely be at the high end of that range, below an 80, at the low end.”

Titanfall is slated for release on the Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2014. Before the Christmas holidays, Respawn was also toying with the idea of a beta.

By James Fenner


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