Tourist Raped by Gang in New Delhi

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A tourist was raped by a gang in New Delhi. This was reported by a Danish woman visiting India. She was apparently raped by a gang of men near her hotel Tuesday evening. She was beaten and robbed, after she asked some men for directions to her hotel.

The Danish tourist, age 51, suffered the violent attack at knife point, after being led to another area less visible to the public. She survived and made it to her hotel, where the police and Danish Embassy were notified. This incident seems to be one of many occurring in the country of India, as more cases of rape are being reported.

No arrests have been made as yet. This is another violent attack on women coming from India, where a group of men are responsible for a senseless crime. Amit Bahl, the owner of the hotel was upset and said the woman was “not in good shape.” She was crying and apparently traveling alone. The woman returned home Wednesday by plane. India gained world wide attention in December of 2012, when a 23 year old woman was gang-raped and murdered. This horrific crime led to increased prison time for rape and stalking. She died in a hospital in Singapore.

Ranjana Kumari, heads up the Social Research at India’s Center. She explains the challenges facing India and the lack of change. The focus is on the culture and conservative views, where men perform rape to keep women fearful. Some young men feel a need to prove who they are, as they were raised, believing men should dominate. Their world is changing and these worlds are colliding.

The tourist raped by the gang in New Delhi was out shopping when the violence occurred. The incident happened between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. The Danish Ambassador has confirmed by email that indeed the report is true. The area where the act of rape occurred is near tourists sites and hotels.

In India it remains difficult to report rape, women live in fear due to police not caring or judges not responding. The number of rapes reported has been increasing and this is directly related to that horrific incident, in which a woman was raped and killed in December of 2012. Women are speaking up, despite the fear. The number has doubled in one year alone.

Another senseless incident was reported, when a Swiss woman and her husband were riding bicycles in central India. They were attacked by a gang. He was beaten and held down, while she was gang-raped. Six men were arrested and sent to prison for life. Even a taxi driver had been accused of dragging and raping a woman at knife point.

India’s tourism ministry began a campaign called, “I Respect Women”  to assure foreign travelers of where they stand on this issue of violence towards women in their country.

In the most recent case of the Danish woman raped by a gang in New Delhi, the India police are seeking the eight men after further investigation. Initially, 15 men were detained and questioned according to Alok Kumar, the deputy police commissioner.

India has seen a drop in female visitors, especially in the first three months of 2013, after the terrible crime in December 2012. The second most populated country in the world has a rape occurring every 20 minutes or so, according to crime records. Foreigners, including Americans, have been gang raped in India; while the latest Danish tourist raped by a gang in New Delhi, draws more attention to this problem of violence.

By Kim Troike





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  2. Texan   January 15, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Indian government must allow foreign tourists to carry loaded guns for their protection including semi automatic weapons. This gang rape on foreigners cannot go on.AVOID INDIA as a tourist destination if guns are not allowed for the tourists..


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