Washington Woman Has Weight Loss Photo Banned by Facebook

Washington Woman Has Weight Loss Photo Banned by Facebook

A Washington State woman has been informed by Facebook that her weight loss photograph was too inappropriate for the social media outlet. Marilyn McKenna had put up the picture on her Facebook page and it showed her standing with both her legs placed inside one pant leg of an old pair of slacks she use to have to wear.

McKenna posted the photo in celebration of her losing 120 pounds. She had started documenting her weight loss journey back in 2007 on her Facebook page and she had received over 3,000 likes. But there was obviously someone there who was not so happy for her because apparently the picture was reported and Facebook ordered her to take it down. They stated it was because it was violating their policy of promoting what they considered idealized physical appearances.

However, one of Facebook representatives stated that McKenna’s photograph was banned due to the fact that the Washington female had paid the social media site to “boost” the picture. This meant it would reach a bigger group of people. Due to this, Facebook said that the picture was then actually considered to be an advertisement. So if she had not paid anything for her picture, it would have been just fine to leave it up on the site.

According to Facebook’s legal terms, they require that any weight loss advertisers or sellers of any other adult products to make sure to limit their ad audience only to individuals who are the age of 18 and older, explained the representative.

Since the Washington resident has had such a falling out with Facebook, she has turned to Twitter with strong enthusiasm. She even posted the picture there and stated that Facebook had refused to allow her to post it as her profile picture.

McKenna also had a reply for the Facebook spokesperson on the Twitter account as well. She wanted to know what products she was selling. She tweeted that her website, blog, and videos were all free and that she was not trying to sell anything. She added that she was talking about the weight loss journey she had been on.

She also tweeted that she has an upcoming meeting with Facebook. Maybe she is going to take some legal instruction from her husband, who use to be Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.

McKenna stated that she once was a fat, grumpy woman who weighed in at a whopping 265 pounds when she made the decision to change her life. Now, after six years have come and gone, the Washington State lady describes herself as being fit and fearless, and who has decided to spend most of her time writing and speaking over numerous health matters.

She has kept track of her amazing weight loss experiences in her blog and on Sunday she stated that she would be meeting with members of Facebook sometime this week to help get the situation resolved. She added that the social media site needs to make clear their subjective policy, and that they also owe her an apology.

The Washington State woman will continue to fight Facebook about their policy against her weight loss photograph being called too inappropriate for the social media outlet.

By Kimberly Ruble


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