Weight Loss Possible for Jessica Simpson Because of Weight Watchers

Weight LossJessica Simpson showed off her fantastic weight loss six months after giving birth to her second child, son Ace. Unlike many celebrity moms, she decided to lose weight the healthy way and has become a role model for everyday moms looking to shed the baby weight. Simpson says her weight loss was possible because of Weight Watchers and highly recommends the program.

The mother of two showed off her fantastic new figure during an interview on Good Morning America. She told Lara Spencer that she had tried Weight Watchers in the past and had lost 50 pounds after the birth of her first child, daughter Maxwell. She has not revealed the full amount of weight she has lost this second time around.

Simpson explained that the decision to lose weight through Weight Watchers was because she wanted to be a role model for her daughter. In turn, she has become a role model for many moms out there. The 33-year-old has tried other diets in the past, but this one has allowed her to lose weight slowly, change her eating habits, and focus on healthy goals.

She has since become an ambassador for the United States weight loss program, which involves telling her story and sharing inspiration with other members. She joins the ranks of Patsy Kensit, who is an ambassador for the United Kingdom’s branch of the plan.

Simpson shares that her healthy and sustainable weight loss is only possible because of Weight Watchers. It is a plan that allows her to eat the food she enjoys, and she never feels deprived like with some other plans on the market. It really works, and encourages changes in lifestyle and habits rather than simply cutting out essential minerals and food groups.

Weight Watchers started over 50 years ago by one woman in the United States and has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon that really works. It involves a scientifically designed plan, which develops as more research and studies are undertaken. The biggest change recently came just over three years ago when the Points Plus system was developed. There has been a recent change this year but just a development into a simpler and easier way to lose weight. The Simple Start program gives a list of foods that are allowed and involves no tracking, pointing or weighing.

The plan includes weekly meetings where there is group support. All meetings are run by men and women who have lost weight and successfully kept it off with Weight Watchers. The leaders have been through all the same ups and downs, and still follow the plan to prove that it really does work. The support is also available outside of classes, and some leaders have taken to social media to offer their members that extra support.

It has taken six months for Simpson to lose her baby weight. It may seem like a long time, but that was healthy and makes it more sustainable. Simpson highly recommends the plan and says it was because of Weight Watchers that her weight loss was possible.

By Alexandria Ingham

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