Xbox One Rumor Suggests Three New Models Arriving

Xbox One

The latest rumor surrounding Microsoft’s new device, the Xbox One, is that three new models could be coming to the market. Fans of the gaming device will not have to wait too long, either, as the release dates for some are rumored to be arriving around March time, with October and November for others.

The new models will cover different preferences for customers. Some will have no Blu-Ray capabilities and others will have extra storage. There is also going to be a white version, according to The Verge. Microsoft has not yet confirmed any of these possibilities.

At the moment, the tech giant is focusing on updates to the Xbox One dashboard. It hopes that this release will be available by March. The aim is to fix various system problems associated with the console, and resolve the Xbox Live issues that have arisen, since its release last year.

According to The Verge, the initial reports came from an anonymous poster on the NeoGAF forums. There is nothing about where the rumors came from, but some of them also involve the games that are available on the console. The post suggested October was to be the date of release for the white console.

This white console has been rumored for a while. CNET reported last summer that Microsoft was going to give its employees white Xbox One consoles. Whether the company followed through with that promise, or not, is unknown. The reported from CNET was based on a Reddit user’s comments whose “friend” works for Microsoft and was provided information about ordering the white consoles. According to commenters on The Verge, the employees did get the white console option.

For now, the three new models included in the Xbox One rumor are just that – rumors. The only thing promised, so far, is a fix for the various issues brought up by the three million customers. While there is more work ahead, the Live features are considered the most important for the development team.

One of the three devices will apparently have more space. According to the anonymous forum poster, this model will have one terabyte (TB) of data, and will be released around November this year. Other rumors include Bluetooth capabilities and global launches of the new console.

According to The Verge, Microsoft has been testing non-Blu-Ray models, which makes this rumor look likely. However, there is no current release date or price confirmation.

By April 2014, the Xbox One console will, hopefully, be available in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. By October, it will also hopefully be available in Poland, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Portugal, the Czech Republic, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Israel and the UAE.

Microsoft has, at least, been listening to complaints. The issues with the current device are important and the team is working on a fix. Only then will they likely share whether the rumors, regarding the three different Xbox One models, are true or not. If so, then they can share release dates and prices.

By Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "Xbox One Rumor Suggests Three New Models Arriving"

  1. Richard A Todd   February 8, 2014 at 6:37 am

    whatever bridge the size of the disc doesn’t even matter anymore because all they have to include is just enough to get you started and the rest of the game can be downloaded and patched in latter, there are lots of games that do that already. I am not saying the Xbox One is a great machine but I think Microsoft and Sony both see digital as the future so the Blu Ray disc isn’t even that essential now. If this can get the cost down to match Sony then they might have a shot at taking off, developers will make the extra effort to make the games fit this isn’t the 90’s where disc space is an issue anymore.

  2. bridges   January 30, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Microsoft must really hate paying sony that 3 dollars for every xbox one sold because they’re using blu ray technology. Dvd based games are and will always be inferior to blu ray. They will ruin cross platform titles bc the length and quality of the games will have to be sacrificed to use xbox ones inferior console.

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