A Dunn Deal


It was a foregone conclusion that Michael Dunn, a white man has more rights in America than a promising teenager whose death it seems was a done and dusted deal. Thanks to our judicial system, Dunn, after killing a teenager in cold blood, is only guilty of second degree manslaughter, and like the case against George Zimmerman, all is well in America. What is the big deal after all, a white man can do as he pleases here, it is his land. Remember, the niggers, were slaves brought from god knows where to serve and to this day that is all they do. Isn’t survival of the fittest, the way nature itself operates.

Human rights and race relations are for the rest of the wold. Look how they treat the women in Afghanistan. And do you know about the beasts in Middle East. Oh! yeah. America is the land of the free and the custodian of human rights, and the animals’ as well. But you do have to give credit where it is due and besides not all men are created equal. It is mentioned so in our sacred constitution. Only a bigot can say that Americans are prejudiced in matters of race and skin color. Come on, don’t we have a black person our president. Can anyone deny that.

We have come a long way from those old Jim Crowe days. But a fact is a fact and the reality is no one likes a loud mouth worse if his color is dark. Hitler was right, the white man is superior to all the rest. He was right in his treatment of those uncouth Jews as Dunn is right in silencing a loud mouth nigger. Some one has to take charge and call a spade a spade in this country, otherwise the things will get out of hand, and we will rue that day. That is all Mr.Dunn, did so whats all this fuss about then.

It is a real problem with these black people. Why can’t they just go back from where they came. Everything about them is wrong, and they are so arrogant on top of that. They should have realized their place in America, when the one with the dream was silenced, but no they wanna be equal. Ha! the joke of the 21st century. Each and everyone among them thinks he is a Obama or a Rice. That is the real issue. Nothing ‘s wrong with Mr.Dunn. He did not like loud music and loud mouths, so he silenced them both. Now what’s wrong with that.

Reports are that even in prison they won’t leave him in peace. There are so many Bros around that Mr.Dunn needs  a respite and some white privacy for Christ sake. After all where are the white people supposed to go. Outside there are too many Bros and inside even more. Why don’t they have separate prisons for decent folks like Mr. Dunn. He will die, living with so many black people. Mr.Dunn has received a raw deal at the hands of law in his own country.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

The Christian Science Monitor