Alec Baldwin Retiring From Public Life

Alex BaldwinAlec Baldwin is not retiring from the movies but he is retiring from public life. It is not a surprise considering the turmoil he had with the press in 2013. Bust ups through social media and reports of words he had said to the press caused him to lose some work, and it just is not worth it any more.

One of the biggest issues in 2013 was the bust up with a reporter for the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. The journalist claimed that the actor’s wife was tweeting about wedding anniversary presents during the funeral of close friend, James Gandolfini. The 55-year-old took to the social media site to explain his wife’s phone was in the car at the time and went on to call the journalist a “toxic little queen.” He also threatened the writer of the piece, who was simply using Hilaria Thomas’ Twitter feed and the timing on that to write his story.

The problem is that just because a tweet is posted at a certain time doesn’t mean that that is when the user posts it. It is possible to schedule tweets, and that is something Thomas may have done. If that was the case, it was a poor decision on timing but that was all. After the rant, the 30 Rock star deleted his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, it did not stop there for the actor. He then reportedly used a gay slur towards a photographer. He issued a statement shortly after that he was not homophobic, but this has all led to Baldwin choosing to retire from public life.

When announcing the decision to step back, he explained that people view him as homophobic. He is not the one who has changed, but the way that people get their information and use technology has. It is impossible to walk around now without members of the public snapping photos on their cell phones. It is impossible to get away from the pushy journalists, photographers and videographers out on the streets.

Too many people purposely look out for something embarrassing that will sell a story. They look for ways to taunt the celebrities, unlike the past where the celebrities were looked up to and celebrated. Mistakes are posted all over journalism, which is evident with the recent issues surrounding Justin Bieber. It has led to a “distaste for the media” that Baldwin has never had before.

The full story of his retirement from public life was told to New York Magazine. He made it clear that it would be the last interview he would ever give and the last time he would even consider talking to the media. He wants to enjoy making movies and stay away from the public eye.

He did take the time to try to defend some of his actions, and apologized partially for them. Making it clear that he regretted the incident with the photographer, he also explained how the same photographer, who works for TMZ, has aggressively followed the star for some time now. It is making his family life difficult. While it is no excuse, it does become understandable. It is also understandable why Baldwin has decided that retiring from public life is the best option going forward.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


New York Magazine


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