Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Split

ThickeRobin Thicke and Paula Patton have thrown in the towel after nine years of marriage.  Scattered raving beauties and a newfound fan base seem to have torn the couple apart.  Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have been sweethearts on and off since the age of 14.  The two wed in 2005 and welcomed a baby boy, Julian, in 2010.  Thicke and Patton have engulfed their careers in singing and acting.  Patton is a well-established actress, gracing the likes of Deja Vu, Precious, and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol to list a few hit films.  Thicke has ridden the waves of a lucrative R & B career which entails the massive success of Blurred Lines.

Since he was a young teen, Thicke has been immersed in R & B music.  In his early years, he wrote side by side and for artist such as:  Brian McKnight, Brandy, Mya, and  Christina Aguilera.  Thicke’s breakout hit was Lost Without U, which thrived in the urban community and hit number one on the Billboard R & B/Hip Hop charts.  The singer’s chart-topping success landed him opening gigs for headliners John Legend and Beyoncé.

Fast forward to the early months of 2013, and the Blurred Lines artist is the headliner.  The single Blurred Lines, featuring T.I. and Pharell, gave the artist the cross-over material that penetrated all genres.  The escape from marginalization in one specific genre catapulted him commercially.  This level of exposure and success, ostensibly has laid the foundation for the separation.   There have been consistent reports of Thicke’s infidelities the past year, which may have foreshadowed the Thicke and Patton split. At the height of the rumors was the infamous Miley Cyrus VMA performance.  Thicke was hit hard behind the twerking bonanza with intense amounts of backlash.  In public, the couple continue to paint on the ultimate cheesy grins and display intimate affection.

Thicke seems to have gotten the lines of his entire relationship blurred.  With this tabloid and that tabloid studying facial expressions and body language stars are on obvious guard.  The overt public displays of affection are clearly a diversion to what is actually taking place.  Patton is continually pursuing smooching camera shots and the eye gaze.  At first glance, a determination is made that this couple is madly in love.  Continuing to bash the audience over the head with uncontrollable amounts of open mouth camera kisses begins to resemble overcompensation.  To the naked eye, without a microscope Thicke looks to be a little on the shady side.  Now that a commercial audience has formed out of nowhere Thicke wants every aspect of it.  This involves a higher class of “groupies,” intoxicated socialites, and high fashion models.  The artist has the aspects of an aging rock star grasping for as many youthful indiscretions as possible.  Patton has literally been there through thick and thin, smiling at every appearance.  The separation is said to be mutual and the two will stay the best of friends.  Once again an appearance comment released in hopes to cushion the Thicke and Patton split.

Editorial By Ebony Waller



Daily Mail


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