Algeria Military Plane Crashes Carrying 103 and Leaving 1 Survivor


An Algerian military transport plane carrying members of the military along with their extended families crashed Tuesday in eastern Algeria, killing 103 people, according to the private Ennahar TV station which claimed it received the news from “informed sources.”

According to one report from Commander Farid Nechad, 55 bodies had been recovered from the wreckage and all the rest were presumed dead by officials conducting the search near the crash site in east Algeria. Later reports have stated that one survivor has been found, and an official body count has not yet been released.

The plane crash is reported to have happened near the mountainous Oum El Bouaghi province, and if initial reports assuming the maximum death toll other than the one survivor turn out to be true, this will be the deadliest crash Algeria has suffered since a 2003 plane crash which killed 102 people. The recent crash happened in a C-130 transport aircraft which was headed from Algeria’s Tamanrasset province and was reportedly destined for Constantine, an eastern city in Algeria.

One military official, Colonel Lahmadi Bouguern, in speaking to the press stated that there were 103 individuals on the aircraft including the crew. The colonel also stated that it may be that high winds and weather conditions played a factor in the accident.

Current reports are clear that a military plane in Algeria has indeed crashed, and though initially reported that it killed all 103 passengers, at least one survivor has been found.

By Daniel Worku