Apple Software Issues Raise Questions


Apple has been under the microscope this week, probably the number one used phrase, for a security glitch in their software. The backdoor was opened on iOS devices and Mac OS X Mavericks software. The issue in Apple’s software has raised questions about security and timing.

Every move by Apple is scrutinized throughout the world. Customers, competitors, and experts analyze the technology company daily. When a problem arises, everyone knows about it, especially if the problem is a security related. Millions of customers own and operate their Mac and iPhone 24/7 and would certify that these products have more information about them than friends or family. Security is not a light issue.

The iOS bug was the first fixed. The bug was detected in devices running iOS 7.0.6 and repaired on Friday for iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Manually download the update on your device if you have not yet. The issue has been described as a single line of code that was missing brackets, according to Reuters. A lesson to all coders, remember the brackets. These missing brackets were a simple problem with huge consequences.

The basic idea according to Apple Support is “an attacker with a privileged network position” could “capture or modify data in sessions.” A hacker sharing the WiFi used in a coffee shop, library, or college campus could have collected and manipulated data through use of fraudulent security certificates. Once accessed, the hacker could retrieve usernames and passwords by eagle eying web searches or e-mail exchanges. A scary thought for most us who use these types of platforms daily. Luckily, no reports related to breaches have been issued as of today.

On Tuesday, four days after the original bug, Apple announced that the same security problem in the iOS software is present in the OS X Mavericks software. All users of the software have been recommended to update to OS 10.9.2 immediately to avoid vulnerability.

Two questions involving Apple software issues are raising discussions. The first is how could Apple allow for such an egregious error to go unnoticed. The public technology giant has the highest market capitalization, innovative management, and gold standard employees. The operating system error dates back to iOS version 6 released in September 2012.

The second question is why the delay in correcting the OS X Mavericks software. Each software package had the same problem, which would theoretically be a quick fix by a team of developers and coders. Apple has not made a statement on the incident yet.

Apple plans on releasing an abundance of products in 2014 keeping the spotlight shining on them. Upgrades to household names like Apple TV, iOS 8 with no absent brackets hopefully, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, and the iPhone 6. A new addition to the product line is the iWatch. Attention to detail on both software and hardware is a must by the tech behemoth.

Apple’s software issues have raised questions and created a wave of negative attention, but a few shiny, new gadgets to play with will surely shift the tide.

Editorial by Niles Olson


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