Man Pronounced Dead Came Back to Life at Funeral Home [Video]

Elderly man wakes up after being pronounced deadWalter Williams was pronounced dead on Wednesday night and placed into a body bag before being transported to Porter and Sons Funeral Home in Lexington, Mississippi. Coroner for Holmes County Mississippi, Dexter Howard, said after failed attempts to find a pulse the 78-year-old man was pronounced dead.

Howard said he was called to Williams’ home by a family member and hospice nurse close to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening. He was informed at that time that Williams had passed away. Howard said when he arrived at the home he found family members gathered around Williams bed in mourning.

The hospice nurse had previously checked for a pulse before Howard was called, but had not detected one. Howard said upon arrival he also checked for a pulse and found none. He then began to fill out his paperwork and once it was completed he, along with a worker from Porter and Sons Funeral Home, placed Williams’ remains in a body bag and transported him to the funeral home.

Howard said he did what he is supposed to do by checking him and filling out the corresponding paper work. After Williams arrived at the funeral home he was taken into the embalming room. As workers at the funeral home prepared to embalm the 78-year-old on Thursday morning they noticed something strange was happening. Williams was inside the bag kicking and breathing.

The family was contacted and Williams immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

Howard said people need to recognize that God is still in control, it is a miracle. As he chuckled he added, “God has the last word, not the coroner.” Howard said what he really believes happened is Williams had been suffering from heart related problems and it is possible that his pacemaker stopped and then restarted.

Eddie Hester, Williams’ nephew, said he was there when his uncle was pronounced dead. Hester said he watched them put him in the body bag and zip it closed. He was startled hours later when he received a call from Williams’ son, his cousin, saying, “Daddy is still here.”

Hester said he has no idea how long his uncle will be here but what he does know is that he is back right now and that is all that matters.

Howard said he went to the hospital to visit Williams on Thursday and said he is still a bit weak but holding on. The coroner said the family is overwhelmed and overjoyed with this miracle.

Howard said he has never experienced anything quite like this. He said it will not change his process; the next time he is called on to check someone he will do what he always does. He will go in, check the person for a pulse and try to be sure the person is deceased.

On Wednesday evening Walter Williams was declared dead, placed into a body bag and taken to a funeral home. The 78-year-old farmer, who had been pronounced dead at his home by a coroner, woke up inside the body bag about five hours later kicking and breathing as embalmers were preparing to embalm him.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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    AWESOME story! I am so happy for his family and him. <3

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