Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Veto or Not

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, must decide to veto or not a bill that touts religious freedom, allowing someone to refuse service to a person who happens to be gay. Companies have now joined in and given their say to her, along with media, which challenges this bill.

Tourists have called and expressed wishes to cancel their reservations for trips and businesses said, if the law passed, they would go elsewhere. Apple and American Airlines called on the governor of Arizona to veto the bill. In lieu of the controversial bill and the protests that have come, three Republicans who voted for it have changed their thinking and asked the female governor, Jan Brewer, to veto it.

It has been cast that she will likely veto it; today she has not been available for comment. The business community is concerned and the jeopardy for which they will all be placed into. It has been seen as a backward step and could reduce convention traffic, such as the Superbowl.

Arizona Governor Jan BrewerThe legislature in Arizona decided that they would allow anyone in business, to decide who should be served or not. If the business operator doesn’t agree with your religion, then no service, period. Simple. Next year the Superbowl is in Arizona. Aaron Baer, who speaks on behalf of the Center for Arizona Policy, said this bill allows businesses to operate according to their religious faith.

Aaron Baer adds that Senate bill 1062 has been attacked and lied about. “It brings Arizona in line with what a majority of courts and circuit courts have ruled.” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will decide and either veto or pass this bill.

Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam, sent notice via a letter his regards for a veto. AT&T joined in on the veto side and was concerned about their own employees and customers. Intel has concerns about the bill and Southwest issued their opinions; believing in respect and nondiscrimination policies, which seem to run counter to this bill.

The Republicans gave wind to this bill on February 21st in their majority controlled Senate. Immediately gay rights and businesses lobbied Governor Jan Brewer to veto it. Senator John McCain hopes she vetoes the bill.

Protests continue at the state house in Phoenix. Joining in the protest is the Superbowl committee. The state may just listen to this as dollars add up. The estimated worth of a Superbowl in Arizona, a half a billion dollars. That is no small change. Boycott’s could come if this bill, set before the governor, passes. The Superbowl committee declared in a written statement, “They do not support this legislation.”

Policies which seem to be All-American are inclusiveness and no discrimination of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Historically, Arizona was awarded a Superbowl in 1993, but it was withheld, temporarily, until they created a Martin Luther King Holiday, because they had none. Then in 1996 and 2008 they hosted.

Jan Brewer is a Republican and is now faced with national attention from media, rights groups and corporations, all asking for her to do the right thing for the state and the country. They are asking the Arizona governor to veto this bill. Will she veto or not?

By Kim Troike





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