Beyonce Goes Miley Cyrus Might Top Justin Bieber on VEVO [Explicit Video]


Beyonce Knowles goes “Miley Cyrus,” as some might call it, in her latest music video that went so viral on VEVO that she might top Justin Bieber’s Baby. The music video to her song, Partition, was released on Tuesday and is already closing in on 8 million views. The video has, what some people might label highly provocative footage, which to some might appear as a highly unusual for Beyonce, who’s had a long and solid run in her career.

Beyonce started singing at a very young age and went on to participate in several local talent competitions and went on to win several of them as her natural talents for singing and dancing impressed the judges. She first rose to fame as a member of the R&B group Destiny’s Child, along with her childhood friends from Huston, Texas. The group came to be when Knowles teamed up with her cousin, Kelly Rowland, and two classmates forming an all-female vocal ensemble.

beyonceThe group went through a series of changes, including name and line-up tweaks before they eventually, in 1997, landed the Columbia Records deal as they were managed by Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles. Having gotten their names on the map, pictures on posters and music out to the audience, Destiny’s Child soon became one of the most popular acts in their genre, as they released their first self-titled album. Acquiring a tremendous momentum, the group went on to achieve their first pop charts number 1 hit with the song Bills, Bills, Bills, a track off of their second album. That same album also featured Say My Name, which also became a smash hit.

While still with the band, Beyonce started exploring her solo career. What she has in common with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and several other top artists, who also slam the charts and VEVO views, is that she started very young. However Beyoncé, to most people, has held a very different image and public figure persona than the two mentioned. Most of what commonly seems to be spoken of her is a strong, proud and independent woman with a tremendous amount of class and elegance, so to some, this might come as a shocking twist that they didn’t predict.

beyonceLike her colleagues, Knowles has also been around the block, crossing between the artistic mediums. Aside from singing and dancing, she made her debut as an actress starring in MTV’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera in 2001. The following year, she co-starred in the espionage parody Goldmember alongside Mike Myers.

Her critically and commercially acclaimed debut solo album, Dangerously in Love, was released the next following year, in 2003. With millions of copies sold and a total of five Grammy awards, Beyoncé truly took charge as a solo artist. The album featured a number of collaborations with artists such as Sean Paul, Missy Elliot and Jay-Z, whom she was rumored to be dating at the time, but they didn’t publicly announce it till – well – now they’re married.

The following year, 2004, Destiny’s Child released their last album then officially breaking up in 2005. Since then, Beyoncé’s been a successful solo artist. A lot of people would probably argue that Beyoncé Knowles was trying to pull a “Miley Cyrus” in this explicit video, but she might top Justin Bieber’s Baby on VEVO if the video keeps banking the level of attention it has already gotten.

Editorial and Bio recap by Halldor Fannar Sigurgeirsson

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    omg lool i never knew that kelly rowland was beyonces cousin !!!! like OMFG I still cant be,lieve it ! like i feel so stupis now ! LOL

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