Bieber Turns up Nose at Plea Deal


Justin Bieber will turn down a plea deal and turn up his nose at a plea deal offered by prosecutors according to sources. Florida State Attorney has said he will forgo arrest charges if the singer will agree to random urinalysis along with other conditions.

Bieber, 19, apparently plans to reject the deal. Sources say that Bieber is afraid of following the same pattern of repeated probation violations that Lindsay Lohan and others followed. Bieber’s plea arrangement says he must make himself available for random urinalysis anywhere in the world and he has to pick up the cost. Also, the teen singer will have to give his itineraries to the court, but his problems do not end there.

Bieber will also have to complete community service, attend a substance abuse education course and attend a panel where families of drunk driving victims share their stories. All Bieber has to do is agree to these stipulations and plead no contest to a single charge of reckless driving. The star faces jail time if he goes to trial and is convicted.

Bieber was spared embarrassment when a Florida judge blocked, temporarily, the release of a video of him during a debate about the public’s right to see Bieber’s penis. The singer was videotaped while giving a urine sample behind a low partition while he was in police custody in January.

Asking attorneys if they believed if the public has the right to see Bieber urinating, the judge listened to arguments from both sides before the temporarily blocking the video. Noting that Bieber’s urine screen was just one piece of the DUI evidence, Scott Ponce, attorney for the Miami Herald and CBS, said that he believes the public has a right to see him standing behind a wall urinating.

Howard Srebnick, one of Bieber’s attorney’s, told the judge that he finds the argument insulting and demeaning to the court. The judge plans to review the video in chambers and intends to announce his decision on March 4. Bieber’s DUI trial, originally scheduled for March 3, has been put on hold pending further notice.

The latest round of court dates was started in January when Bieber was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving on an expired license. Bieber has pleaded not guilty and did not show up for the hearing Thursday. Arresting police officers said that in addition to alcohol, Bieber had marijuana and prescription medication in his system.

One video, which has been released, shows Bieber being frisked by a Miami Beach officer. The February release of the video prompted his lawyers to file a motion preventing more images from being shown to the public.

The motion, filed earlier this month in Miami-Dade Court, claims the Florida constitution and state law protect a person’s privacy in such images. Feeling the release of the video would cause “irreparable harm,” the attorneys argued vigorously when the state attorney said that all evidence, including videos and photographs, become public record once handed over to the defense.

As both sides continue to press their cases, Bieber is continuing to reject any offer from the prosecution that could save the teen pop-star from having to do anytime in jail.

By Jerry Nelson

MSN News

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