Bruce Jenner: to Leave or Not to Leave That Is the Question

Bruce Jenner: to Leave or Not to Leave That Is the Question

Bruce Jenner: to Leave or Not to Leave That Is the Question

Conflicting reports are coming in about whether or not Bruce Jenner is paraphrasing Hamlet at the moment: “To leave or not to leave, that is the question. Jenner could very well be posing this question to himself while entertainment websites across the globe continue to report he is staying, or, trying to get farther away form Kris Jenner and have more time for his kids. Whether it is nobler to suffer the “slings and arrows” of his wife by sticking around for the reality TV show. Since moving out, his offspring have declared that they enjoy the extra time their dad has for them.

Or is it mom?

After reports that the 64 year-old former Gold winning Olympic champion had his Adam’s apple shaved down the Keeping Up With the Kardashians cast member was spotted with an inch long scar on his throat; just under his chin. According to sources, the older athlete and separated husband of Kris Jenner, wants to become more feminine in his appearance. Similar insiders state that Bruce is addicted to plastic surgery and just cannot help himself.

While the jury is out on whether Mr Jenner is planning on becoming Ms Jenner, another rumor has been making the rounds and it has nothing to do with the shaved down Adam’s apple in Bruce’s throat. Sources are now saying that since Bruce is ending his relationship with Kris, he will definitely have even more surgery to complete his transformation into a female.

On top of getting his Adam’s apple shaved down Bruce is also letting his hair grow. Currently it is long enough to put in a pony tail, which was the hairstyle he sported when giving a motivational speech to students at the Mercyhurst University on Wednesday. His long haired speech was well received by the attendees and according to Us Weekly, the audience chanted Jenner’s name throughout the entire evening.

Bruce Jenner’s current dilemma of, “to leave or not to leave” does have a Shakespearean feeling. Perhaps due to the ever present ghost of his marriage to Kris. This specter of his failed marriage had been overshadowed somewhat by both Kris and Bruce telling all and sundry that they actually get along much better now they’ve separated. Although it seems that Kris has made up her mind that Bruce and his shaved Adam’s apple, along with the ponytail, will remain a regular in the KUWTK reality TV show.

At Jenner’s university speech which was, by all accounts, very motivational and entertaining; he finished his words of wisdom with a little “getting to know you time” on a more personal basis and gave out autographs to all those who asked. He even posed for photographs while backstage with his avid listeners.

Throughout the evening Bruce never mentioned his imminent departure from the Kardashian reality show. TMZ has reported that Jenner will not be back for the next season. According to them, he will call it quits at the end of season 10 and wants to spend more time with his sons; Brandon, Brody, and Burt. The idea behind leaving the show is to improve his relationship with his kids. Apparently, none of the three male Jenner offspring were that close to Kris and Bruce wants to mend that bridge.

It has also been said that he wants to spend more time doing things he loves. Like spending time with his children; riding motorcycles and, among other things, playing more golf. The biggest question may just be which tee that Jenner will be driving off of. If he gets enough surgery he could well be eligible to tee off from the Forward tees. Until Bruce Jenner makes up his mind to leave or not to leave, the rumors will continue to run and provide fans of KUWTK enough information to keep tongues wagging.

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