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Shia LaBeouf: Amanda Bynes in a Suit?

Shia LaBeouf: Amanda Bynes in a Suit?

Shia LaBeouf seems to be following up his plagiarism woes by acting like Amanda Bynes in a suit. It almost feels like the two performers could be siamese twins joined by age and background. Both stars are 27 years-old and they also got their respective starts on children’s television before moving on to film. The main work related difference between Bynes and LaBeouf is that Shia, after a certain point, left the small screen of TV – except for hosting SNL two times. Bynes continued to bounce from silver screen to television right up to 2010 when her career effectively ended.

Bynes became increasingly odd in her behavior with one bizarre incident after another keeping her name in the papers. Her antagonistic tweets toward other celebrities, or anyone who annoyed her, where she called those who had fallen out of favor with the former Nickelodeon actress, ugly. She declared her unrequited love for the recording artist/songwriter and actor Drake almost non-stop on Twitter only to blast him with a series of angry tweets. She later apologized to the the Canadian singer.

Amanda also delighted in taking many “selfies” and posting them on Twitter and tweeting about her many plastic surgery operations. She would rant at other celebrities on the micro blogging site and carried on strange feuds with her professional peers. More often than not the Easy A star would apologize only to restart her war of tweets later.

Bynes had a lot of run-ins with the police. She was arrested for smoking marijuana in her apartment building and for allegedly throwing a bong out of her window when law enforcement officials entered her apartment. Before that she was given a ticket for using her cell phone while driving and was later arrested for DUI and charged for two hit and run incidents. The charges were dismissed, but, she later had her drivers license suspended and was caught driving after the suspension.

At the time of her arrest for possession of marijuana, she accused the police of sexual harassment and said that the arresting officer “slapped” her vagina. Later in 2013, Bynes was arrested for setting a stranger’s driveway on fire and after fleeing the scene was picked up when she caused a scene in a convenience store. She was placed on a 5150 mental health evaluation hold and her parents were given conservatorship over their daughter.

After a long evaluation, and incarceration, at the UCLA Medical Center she was diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She is now receiving treatment for her mental problems and has stepped out of the limelight while she gets her life back in order. Although not as bizarre, or outrageous, Shia LaBeouf has been acting, to a certain extent, like Amanda Bynes in a suit.

Shia LaBeouf: Amanda Bynes in a Suit?
Amanda Bynes appearing at court in New York 2013.

LaBeouf, like Bynes, had a fairly unpleasant 2013 as well. He was accused of plagiarizing Brian Clowes the man who created Ghost World on a short film Shia made titled HowardCantor.com. The film actually debuted at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, but, after it was posted online in 2013 the film was found to be an unabashed, almost word for word, adaptation of Clowes’ Justin M. Damiano.

The Nymphomaniac star then apologized for his plagiarism by using a Yahoo! Answers apology which got the actor chastised yet again from the professional entertainment community. The Transformers star then took the lead in the 2013 film Charlie Countryman, which bombed at the box office and was almost universally panned by critics. LaBeouf then worked on the sexually driven Nymphomaniac – Volume I and II – which features a lot of nudity and sex scenes incorporating several big names. Christian Slater and Uma Thurman to name but two.

During a Berlin press conference for the film, Shia stormed out of the question and answer session after a reporter asked if the actors had been uncomfortable shooting the sex scenes. Quoting French soccer player Eric Cantona, Shia said that seagulls followed ships for the sardines being thrown of of the vessel. Later, during the film’s premiere, LaBeouf showed up in a suit with a paper bag over his head with I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE printed on the front.

This followed the actor’s tweeting this same phrase over an extended time period on Twitter, Shia tweeted “I am not famous anymore” once a day from January 13 to February 9. Then on February 11 he tweeted #IAMSORRY and used the same hashtag phrase to open his art exhibit which entailed the performer wearing his “ANYMORE” bag and silently interacting with the curious who came in to his public display of remorse.

LaBeouf had also acted rather strangely during the filming of Fury in which he decided, in an effort to channel his character better, to stop bathing during the shoot. This decision caused his costars, one of whom was Brad Pitt, to ask if Shia could be housed in another hotel from his colleagues on the film.

Just like Amanda Bynes, Shia LaBeouf got his start on a children’s channel. In his case it was Disney and the show was Even Stevens. It got the young actor noticed and after appearing in the Keanu Reeves vehicle Constantine he never went back to television, except SNL. Sadly, the actor’s behavior has been getting increasingly bizarre and he seems to be undergoing some sort of public breakdown, just like his “twin” Amanda Bynes, but, in a suit.

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