Cannabis College?

Cannabis College
Many cannabis users will possibly be filling out applications to get accepted into the alleged “Cannabis University” in Florida to get assistance with medical issues and study cannabis 101. Legalizing cannabis has been the topic of debate between users, non-users, and lawmakers for many years. Users believe this plant or herb has healing properties that can possibly cure illnesses and relieve pain. Some lawmakers and non-users view cannabis as a drug that could lead to substance abuse. Twenty states have legalized medical marijuana. The remaining states are at a standstill on the legalization. The state of Florida, however, has some hopefuls looking forward to higher education in the study of weed.

Some non-supporters are wondering how in the world can a college on cannabis be up for discussion when schools for children are screaming for funding. Most are waiting on the punch line when hearing about higher education in smoking weed or advancing in their career in pot. The moment an amendment is passed by Florida voters, allegedly a facility for treatments and a cannabis study combined will open its doors to patients and students to learn all about the medical wonders of marijuana. Jeremy Bufford is the leader behind what could possibly be called Cannabis U.

Most would stereotype an individual who would mastermind such a plan as Cannabis U. The individual would have to be a “pot-head” high out of his or her mind. Bufford, a former Fortune 500 consultant, has the curriculum mapped out and structured just like any local college. According to First Coast News, Bufford’s university will be a month-long course with a concentration on the history, legal, botanical, and pharmacological use of cannabis. He goes on to report he will create over 300 jobs hiring researchers, botanists, cultivators, lab techs, and security.

According to USA Today, the vote on the medical marijuana amendment is set for 10 months from now. Bufford believes that the legalization of medical marijuana and his higher education facility will not only help users in need of the plant for medical issues, but will also help the economy in the Tampa, Florida, area. Supporters are hoping medical marijuana will be legalized as early as the summer in 2015. Bufford has already chosen the former Garcia Y Vega cigar factory as the location where treatments and class sessions will be in held. The foundation for a cannabis college has already begun.

Rachelle Roach who has a Master’s degree in nutrition reported to 10 News Tampa that she believes the opening of cannabis colleges will be mainstream within the next five to 10 years. Tampa, Florida, non-supporters planning to vote against the amendment are possibly cringing driving by the 131 year old cigar factory allegedly soon-to-be a weed dispenser. Supporters, however, are counting down the days to vote.

Bufford, being one of several pioneers in cannabis high education, could possibly spark future entrepreneurs to turn cannabis into a franchise. The days of Mary Kay, Avon, and other multi-level marketing home-based businesses could possibly be taken to another level. The sky is the limit on how enterprising an entrepreneur can get during a down economy. Bufford thought up a cannabis college. What’s next?

Editorial by Meleika Gardner

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2 Responses to "Cannabis College?"

  1. Green CulturED   March 4, 2014 at 9:44 am

    As cannabis is becoming socially acceptable, it is great to have opportunities across the United States for people to learn about the herbal properties of this plant and how it can benefit those who need it. Right now there are 20 Medical Marijuana States, and it is looking like Oregon and Alaska will be joining Colorado and Washington to make it available recreational too.

    It is great that this herb is no longer demonized and now becoming a medical solution as well as a replacement for harmful alcohol use too. We provide online education for this industry too so feel free to read out blog and take a free course:

    Also, if you have any questions, we always support any knowledge needs or who is becoming interested in this developing industry; we love to spend time to help support the learning process.

    Have a great day everyone and enjoy this revolutionary change 🙂

  2. mexweed   February 5, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Equal time (space) for VAPING, please? I note that the header picture above this article (which children may see who don’t read the text) shows a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide “joint” which can cause health issues blamed on the cannabis– let alone being the “gateway drug to $igarette $moking”. Vaporization technology exists today which makes “rolling papers” OBSOLETE. (And yes, you can vape with a Long-Drawtube One-Hitter.)

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