Charlie Sheen in Wonderland

Charlie Sheen in Wonderland

The recent announcement of actor Charlie Sheen’s engagement to former pornographic film starlet Scottine Christen (more commonly known by her pornographic film moniker, Brett Rossi) comes as no shock to anyone following the rogue megastar’s recent actions. Drug abuse and sexual adventure are just some of the documented classes Charlie Sheen attends in his own personal Wonderland, and though his actions over the past few years have been crude to say the least, it would prove difficult to find fault in his errors. After all, for a big a name as Charlie Sheen (who grew from vague public exposure to fame practically overnight thanks to the hit television show Two and A Half Men) who has the freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants, life becomes a whole lot more interesting.

A frequent name to grace headlines over the course of the past few years, the entertainment provided by Charlie Sheen’s public misdeeds and shenanigans has been well documented, although whether he’s more commonly loved or hated (or more likely, a combination of both) is open for debate. Since his departure from Two and A Half Men, Sheen has been on a downward spiral of drug consumption and noted woman abuse. Between stints spent in rehabilitation for his drug problems, Sheen has managed to spawn several internet crazes, such as the mega viral 2011 “Charlie Sheen – Winning” music video created by YouTube user “schmoyoho” for his Songify This series.

For the past three years, the world has been closely following Sheen’s every move. A brief stint of living with model Natalie Kenly and pornographic actress Rachel Oberlin, also known by her adult film name Bree Olsen, whom he dubbed his “Goddesses” showcased Sheen’s need for an over-the-top lifestyle, and his curious relationship with porn star Rachel Oberlin may have set a personal trend. Although his newest relationship seems a little more normal (if getting engaged to a woman he’s only been seeing for roughly two months can be considered normal) than his time with the “Goddesses,” Sheen’s history of domestic abuse, a main cause for the failure of his past three marriages, may prove worrisome for Scottine Christen, who has become a main attraction in Charlie Sheen’s land of wonders.

Cocaine is the name of the game for Sheen, and his extensive history of drug abuse (it’s been estimated that his abuse dates back approximately 30 years) has frequently landed him in hot water. A cocaine overdose in 1998 marked the start of Sheen’s public record for bad behavior, and his several periods of jail time are fairly reminiscent of his father, Martin Sheen, who has been arrested nearly 70 times (holding the record for most arrests for a Hollywood celebrity). Unlike his father, who’s arrest record is mostly littered with protest charges, Sheen’s path of righteous self-indulgence has made him a pop culture icon.

Regardless of his sexual engagements, drug consumption and history of women abuse, Charlie Sheen remains one of the most commonly discussed celebrities of the past century. His exploits have earned him a unique niche as a star who is hated as much as he is loved, and his uniquely savage self-indulgence has made his documented life look like wonderland to the average onlooker. Despite his antics, one thing is certain; the world is on a drug called Charlie Sheen, and it won’t soon kick the habit.

By Christopher White


The Daily Beast

2 Responses to "Charlie Sheen in Wonderland"

  1. Christopher White   February 17, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    I never said he wasn’t a has-been, I said he is most certainly entertaining.

  2. karen petersen (@kushka53)   February 17, 2014 at 12:04 am

    The writer may be infatuated with Sheen’s antics but the rest of the world really couldn’t care less…he’s a has been as much as Dennis Rodman is and both will probably end up the same way as Anna Nicole Smith, another drug-addled has-been, no-talent, wanna be.

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