The Walking Dead Inmates (Recap/Review)

The Walking Dead Inmates (Recap/Review)

The Walking Dead episode Inmates followed the storylines of Daryl Dixon and Beth, and also Tyreese, Lizzie, and Mika. Later, also, Carol joins up with Tyreese and the two girls, and we even get to see storylines involving Sasha, Robert, Maggie, and also a storyline involving Glenn and Tara!

The Walking Dead opened with a voiceover of Beth talking, as if she’s reading aloud from her journal. She says that she’d been told that she would never have to run anymore. She says that “I woke up in my own bed yesterday. My own room.” But, she admits that it might be easier to say that she’s afraid. She adds that “You should write down wishes to make them come true. We can live here, we can live here for the rest of our lives.

Juxtaposed against this, we see Beth running away from the prison where they had been relatively safe, and then fighting against zombies, and finally, lying crumpled upon the ground, dead tired or asleep.

Back from a commercial break, on The Walking Dead, in front of a campfire, Beth tells Daryl: “We should do something. We’re not the only survivors. You’re a tracker. You can track.”

Daryl seems reluctant to do much of anything. He doesn’t reply, and just sits by the fire. Beth says: “Fine. If you won’t be a tracker, then I will.”

This seems to get Daryl’s attention, and he and Beth start searching for footprints and other signs that some of their friends are still alive.

Beth: “It wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith.”

Daryl seems to have given up on faith, though. Beth tells him: “They’ll be hungry when we find them,” convinced that they will find at least some of their friends alive.

Daryl tells her “There’s walker tracks all up and down here. At least a dozen of them.”

Then, a walker shows up, and Daryl wrestles it to the ground, and Beth stabs it in the head. They hear others, and Daryl sees one feeding — he dispatches it by plunging an arrow that is in his hand into the zombie’s head. Beth breaks down in tears. Daryl starts to walk away, but he turns back.

“We’re not going to die. None of us,” Beth recalls these words from her old journal. Yet, now she and Daryl are alone, in very precarious circumstances.

Back from another break, we see the two sisters, Lizzie and Mika, walking with Tyreese. “Is everybody dead?” one of the girls asks him. He doesn’t respond. Tyreese is carrying baby Judith! They even have bottles of milk or formula for the baby with them.

In the morning, they come across a bush with berries on it, and ask Tyreese if they can eat them. Robert tells them “Yeah, they’re good.”

Baby Judith then starts in crying loudly, and they are all afraid that her crying will attract the attention of the walkers. Robert, armed with a hammer, approaches a bush, and birds come flying out, startling Mika. She runs away.

Tyreese tells her, when he catches up to her, that she did the right thing running, as if it’d been a walker, she would need to get away. Robert’s wrist is bleeding, injured.

They hear someone screaming and Robert tells them he wants to go check on whoever it is — he tells the girls to run if they hear a walker. Robert comes across a couple of people fighting against some walkers. Lizzie tires to muffle Judith’s cries with her hand.
Robert is too late to save one of the men — that person gets torn apart by some of the walkers.

Then, who should appear, but Carol, with the two girls, holding baby Judith in her arms. One of the men is still alive, but has been bitten. He tells Carol, Tyreese, and the girls to “follow the tracks” and they will be led to safety.

Carol tells Tyreese that she has water and food they can share. Lizzie tells Carol: “You found us. I knew that you would.” Tyreese apparently doesn’t know what Carol did, burning his wife, believing that she was doomed to become a zombie (or maybe that she was already a zombie).

The Walking Dead Inmates (Recap/Review)

They approach a place where a sign or map says “Those who arrive survive.” A place called “Terminus” is marked on the map.

Then, after another commercial break, we see Sasha and Robert. Sasha binds up Robert’s wounds and tells him “we’ll camp here for the night.” Maggie is also with them! She says that she wants to go find the bus and Glenn. Sasha tells her that they shouldn’t split up, but Maggie goes, anyway.

Sasha: “We should find food, shelter.”

Robert: “Why?”

Sasha: “So we can live.”

Maggie sees the bus, and Sasha and Robert are close behind her, telling her “Maggie! Maggie!” warning her about what she might see. The bus is full of zombies trying to get out. Maggie tells Sasha and Robert that she needs to she if Glenn is inside.

They let a zombie out one a time, and dispatch them, one by one. However, then a bunch of the zombies spill out, and the stabbing, and head-clubbing, commences.

Glenn is not one of the zombies littering the ground when the fighting is over. Maggie goes inside the bus, and carefully searches around. She hears rustling, and — dispatches a zombie there. She stabs him in the head, and then sits down on a bus seat and cries.

Coming back from break, we see Glenn high above zombies, on a platform, calling out for “Maggie!” Zombies are milling below him. What sort of place has he gotten himself into?

Glenn opens up a prison door. Armed with a military-style rifle, he searches back at the prison, and lies down on a cot there to rest. He sees a photo of Maggie there, and picks it up, and cries, thinking that she’s dead or he might never find her again.

Searching about some more, he gathers together various things that might prove to be useful, and stores them away in a backpack on his back.

Dressed now, in body armor, Glenn fights his way out of the prison, though hordes of zombies try to attack him and bite him. They can’t bite through the armor and his face shield.

Glenn dispatches one after another of them, and goes back to where he sees Tara in a cage. He tells her he needs her help, and tells her to “take this.” He then tosses a molotov cocktail he’s made at a car — this attracts the attention of several of the zombies, and the pair can make good their escape.

They see a sign that reads “Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates.”
She tells Glenn that she trusted him, meaning The Governor. She says that The Governor killed the “old man,” referring to Hershel.

Glenn says that he needs her help to help him find Maggie, his wife. He says that Hershel was a “great man” and that all they needed to do “was to believe.”

She says that “I wanted to believe that.”

Glenn tells Tara that “You have to.”

A horde of zombies attack, and Glenn kicks their butts. However, he falls to the ground, and dispatches a zombie that’s left over, slamming the butt of a gun into its head repeatedly. Some people in a vehicle exit, and Tara asks them what they were waiting for, calling them “assholes.” One of the men — I think he’s Abraham from the comic book series — says: “You have a big mouth. What else have you got?”

That was the end of tonight’s The Walking Dead episode Inmates. Are the guys who came out of the vehicle going to try to rape Tara? Will Glenn revive enough to stop them, if he even can; or, are they just all talk, when it comes to raping her?

I hope that doesn’t happen, but generally speaking, The Walking Dead is more about blood, guts, killing, revenge, and zombies than on sexual acts of violence. So far, anyway.

The inmates, in a way, are on the loose, if you consider the survivors who used to call the prison a temporary home “inmates.” This was a very intense, fast-paced episode of The Walking Dead. I had not thought that so many different storylines would be in this episode, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the action unfold on all fronts. What are your thoughts/opinions about tonight’s episode? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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