Seattle Teens in Serious Condition After Explosion


Two Seattle Teens are in serious condition tonight after they were involved in a dangerous explosion. The peace and quiet of a typical Sunday in Seattle was shattered when a loud noise was reported on the north side of town. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene of the explosion. There, they found a house full of chaos.

According to reports, the explosion occurred around eleven on Sunday morning. When emergency personnel arrived, they discovered the two boys inside the house. Both boys had multiple injuries which included burns and lacerations all over their bodies. They were rushed to Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, and are currently in stable condition.

The boys were not alone in the house. An older male, later identified as one of the boy’s father and the other’s uncle, was asleep in the back of the house when the explosion occurred. After questioning the father, police went to work examining the debris in hopes of figuring out what happened.

The house itself was intact. The explosion did not cause a fire, but did cause significant damage. All of the windows of the house were broken out and shattered from the explosion. In addition, the back door was blown off its hinges. Items from the house were scattered all over the backyard. They had been blown out the door when the incident occurred. Police also found several explosive devices and other materials made for building explosives in the living room of the house.

Initially, the father, who was in the house when the incident occurred, denied any knowledge of the explosion that placed the Seattle teens in such serious condition. However, Police did not let him off so easy. Though he was apparently asleep in the back, he later confirmed what the investigation had already uncovered. The two boys were building fireworks and rockets.

According to the father, the two boys were working on a science project. The materials found in the living room were a part of the experiment, he said. Police did find several firework like rockets in the living room of the home. The materials they found to make explosives are also a necessary component in firework construction.

It is now believed that the boys blew themselves up while constructing the rockets for the experiment. The fireplace in the house appeared to be the source of the explosion. Police speculate that the boys were probably trying to start a fire in the fireplace and decided to use some of their rocket fuel to ignite the blaze, causing the explosion. The other explanation, which also seems viable, is that the boys were attempting to test their fuel in the fire but were unaware of the explosive reaction it would cause.

The two Seattle teens are still in serious condition hours after the explosion but are expected to survive. The boy’s father was not injured during the explosion. At this time, no charges have been filed against him for child negligence or abuse. However, the police investigation is far from over.

By Chris Chisam

Seattle Times
The News Tribune

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