Climate Change Task Force Assesses Extreme Weather

Climate Change

President Obama appointed a task force to assess climate change. They recently met in Los Angeles with state and local leaders from around the nation in attendance. This climate change task force will assess the extreme weather and how to cope with such natural events.

They have held two meetings since last fall with Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in attendance. What the task force is working on is how to deal with extreme weather, wildfires and the sea level rising.

Gina McCarthy, from the Environmental Protection Agency says that gathering this information will allow the rest of the country ways in which to approach these factors from nature.

Governor Brown says his state led the United States in electric vehicles, renewable energy and other items, but we all need to do more. Talks were about the federal government and improvements upon response time in disasters, by use of transportation funds, from the Department of Energy. The belief is held that the government should support electrical grid upgrades and give financial support for renewable energy with grants for Eco-friendly infrastructure.

Climate ChangeOther ideas are use of solar panels on roofs and reflective heat products, too. Water from storms could recharge aquifers.

The climate change task force will meet two more times before giving President Obama any recommendations, on how to handle these extreme weather conditions. What would a meeting be without demonstrators? Thirty or so did just that to protest that gas and oil policies are at odds with these initiatives. Brenna Norton with the Food and Water Watch called it a ‘climate task farce.’

Federal and state officials in California noted the lack of rain is a real concern. Rivers are below all time lows and the snow has only about 20 percent of what it usually has. Weather atrocities since 2012 has cost the United States government $110 billion, with Hurricane Sandy and others in that mix. The task force is about working with the federal government, sharing information and making useful goals.

Brown sites his own state as the leader in reducing pollution, addressing climate change and that action in California is responsible for renewable energy being on the forefront. Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn quoted Mark Twain, “Whiskeys for drinking and water’s worth fighting for.” California is possibly experiencing the lowest rainfall in 400 years. The governor is expected to meet with President Obama and construct ways to deal with this problem.

More extreme is the storms recently presented in the United Kingdom. They’ve received record rainfalls and storms, which one economist Lord Stern says, might make millions of people migrate. He blames this on emissions and says the effects are quicker now, because these gases have sharply increased. He goes on to say that a rise in global temperature on average, could lead to conflict and not peace. Other extreme weather conditions or disasters pointed out by Lord Stern were Typhoon Haiyan, killing 5,700 Filipinos, floods in Brazil and heatwaves in Australia.

This climate change task force will meet two more times, conclude their assessment of extreme weather conditions  and give any recommendations to Obama by November 2014.

By Kim Troike





2 Responses to "Climate Change Task Force Assesses Extreme Weather"

  1. stefanthedenier   February 16, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    climate has always being changing and always will. The problem with any ”Task Force” is that they become propagandist for the phony global warming.

    For floods and droughts the convolution is ”more dams” – unfortunately, in any ”tack force” are green oriented socialist, instead of realist; ”green” socialist would never recommend new dams…

  2. Benson Kane   February 14, 2014 at 5:57 pm

    If the Authorities cannot controll the increasing number of arsonists that keep lighting up the bush fires, and since the scientists have lost all their battles against the pesty King of thorns star fish, which has been killing many parts of the barrier reef for many decades. and also the toxic Quensland cane toad, which have spread enormously throught many parts of Australia and destroying many Australian natieve widlife along it’s way. .
    How on earth then, are the scientists and governments are going to win their battles against the climate? Sounds like science fiction to me.


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