Criminal Justice Graduate Speaks Against the Macho System (Video)

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (CJ) is just one of the many macho systems pressing authority over citizens. This CJ field is easy to criticize because there is no high standard one must reach in order to be anointed with a badge and gun. The education system has taught many criminal justice graduates to speak out against the macho system in hopes of creating better policy makers of the future. Law enforcement plays the leading role in the CJ system, and it is at this level many problems arise.

Murder, assault, false arrests, perjury, and theft are just a few crimes commonly committed by law enforcement agents. Once a person is given free-reigning authority, temptation is at its fullest. What holds one back if it is not their conscience? Should it be their colleagues in blue? Unfortunately, the “blue line” once crossed is a fireable offense. Ratting on a fellow police officer, or stopping a crime in progress by a fellow officer, will get the “good cop” terminated, as was the case for Ragina Tasca in 2011. Tasca was terminated for crossing the “blue line” when she pulled her backup officers off the victim. The officers reported on scene after Tasca was called, and they immediately began attacking a mentally disturbed man.

It is easiest to describe police as agents of the macho system because they are commonly confronted by the public, a public which knows all too well what corruption lurks behind the uniform. The problem does not begin with the man, but the system. This leaves a problem available for correction, generation after generation. The system does not have to be macho, men and women will continue filling the openings left by a terminated officer, only to be subjected to a macho system and expected to live up to its expectations.  People should be advised never to call on the aid of a police officer unless it is absolutely necessary.

Testosterone Abuse

This hormone acts in humans as it does in all animals, and dominance is a battle of indefinite conflict. No government or organization can guarantee a person is raised in a way to ensure their loyalty to humanity, but what can be guaranteed is the adaptability of the systems in which they function. Educated students, educators, and graduates of liberal arts schools have spoken against the macho criminal justice system for its flaws and inherent fallibilities ever since the acknowledgement of the militarization in recent decades.

The method a specific department may implement differs slightly from locale to locale, and for this reason, the methods of policing takes on different forms. Militarization of the police force is the main culprit for the overall shift of law enforcement behavior. The movement has taken the officers form a community-oriented patrol, and given them the power to treat ordinary citizens as if they are known terrorists. Citizens are guaranteed a ticket, and possible arrest, whenever there is a smidge of support of a crime, or support of an officer-fabrication. Though some people commit crimes on a daily basis, minor offenses should be handled through the family and not through the court system, as an arrest and court procedure will cause more problems in the defendant’s future than the allege crime warrants.

Some posit there are quotas an officer must meet. Though different per jurisdiction, the problem with the quota system encourages officers to make false arrests and falsify information. Do the people want their tax dollars going to hostile men who will arrest them at the first chance they see fit?

A Policeman’s Discretion and Court Support

The trust and faith invested into an officer’s subjectivity is a matter of controversy. In many jurisdictions with high traffic, post-arrest the defendant will be sped through an indictment process. In many cases, the grand jury is overly burdened; they will go along with what the officer has alleged making the defendant go through a lengthy court process with attorney fees and plea bargaining.

If the court was more inclined to question the officer than to support him, it is likely people would attain a fairer hearing. One can listen to a criminal justice graduate and trust in their spoken knowledge against the corruptibility of men in the field, the macho system is flawed. There is a stigmatizing assumption that anyone who is questioned or detained by the police is automatically a criminal. The CJ system is supposed to be blind, fair, just, and the defendant is supposed to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, but none of this is true.

Video of Good Cop Protecting a Mentally Disturbed Man from Fellow Cops.

Editorial By Lindsey Alexander


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