The Walking Dead Claimed (Review)

The Walking Dead Claimed (Review)

Sheriff Rick Grimes, his teenage son, Carl, and Michonne are, once again, the focus of The Walking Dead episode tonight, Claimed, though Sergeant Ford, Eugene, Glenn, and Tara are also focused upon quite a bit.

One thing I wondered about at the start of the episode was if any further mention would be made of the place of supposed sanctuary, called Terminus, seen on a map in last week’s episode, Inmates. Also, if Sergeant Abraham Ford will do any harm to Tara, and if Glenn will be in any condition to try to prevent it from happening, if it does. Michonne’s reunion with Rick and Carl is likely to be one element of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, as well.

For the past two Sundays, The Walking Dead has beaten the Sochi Winter Olympics in the ratings. The closing Olympic ceremonies are tonight — will The Walking Dead be three-for-three?

Besides the new character of Sergeant Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead comics, the characters of Rosita and Eugene, who were with Abraham, were also briefly introduced last week. I heave  read that they will all play a role in tonight’s episode, Claimed.

The Walking Dead opened with Tara and presumably Glenn riding in Sergeant Ford’s army truck. Zombies surrounded the truck, and Ford laid waste to them, without firing a single shot. Tara looked amazed, saying I never seen that before.”

Ford: “What? What?”

Tara: “I saw you smiling.”

Ford: “I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” he said sarcastically.  He jsut might become one of my favorite new characters, assuming he isn’t an evil one, anyway — though, The Governor was, definitely, a memorable and bad-ass character.

The Walking Dead Claimed (Review)

Rick: “I can’t be both his father and his best friend. He needs you.”

Michonne: “So what’s the plan? Is this place home, or just  a stop along the way?”

Rick: “Let’s just stay here until we figure it out.”

Michonne tells him “just rest, one more day,” as he was unconscious the day before.

Outside on the porch, Rick bids good-bye to Michonne and Carl, who are going out on a scavenging mission. He tells them “I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Back in the house, alone, he is looking pretty rough still.

Carl and Michonne go walking and Michonne offers Carl “Crazy Cheese,” telling him he can have “the first pull.”

Michonne squirts some in her mouth, then makes zombie noises; but, that doesn’t impress Carl. He says: “I was laughing, inside.”

Michonne and Carl go inside a house, and Michonne says: “We need food, water, and batteries, in that order.”

Carl asks her the name of her son, and if she was married, and some other questions. Michonne tells him she will answer the questions, in order.

Rick, meanwhile, hears the sounds of men as he is sleeping. One yells out “Please don’t!” as Rick wakes up, startled. Then, The Walking Dead went to another break.

Rick then hears one of the men stomping upstairs. He rolls under a bed to hide.The man has a rifle in his hand, and opens up a closet in the room. Rick tries to be very quiet. The man walks right up to the bed, then plops down on top of it.

Carl: “What was your son’s name?”

Michonne: “I said after.”

Michonne: “His name was Andre. Andre Anthony.”

Carl asked her if she had any more children. She said “No. One was enough for me, and Andre was a handful, like you.”

Carl gives her a painting, and says: “How long has it been?”

Michonne: “It happened — after everything happened.”

Carl: “Your secret is safe with me.”

Michonne: “It’s not really a secret.”

Carl:  “It’s still safe with me.”

Michonne carefully goes towards a room of the house, thinking that she hears a noise. She searches the bathroom, then a bedroom.

She enters a bedroom where two corpses are laying on a bed, and a third dead body is sitting in a chair.

Carl: “Is everything okay?”

Michonne: “Yeah, it’s fine.”

Carl: “There’s a baby in there.”

Michonne: “It’s a doll.”

Carl: “My dad let me name her. Maybe — maybe her and Andre are together somewhere.” Carl is, of course, referring to his sister, Judith, who he doesn’t yet know is alive and (relatively) safe with Tyreese.

Back from break, Rick is still under the bed, and a man comes up the stairs. He wants to claim the bed, and the two men fight over who gets to sleep in the bed. The man who came up the stairs kills the one who had been on the bd — that man sees Rick before he dies, but he can’t say anything, as he’s just a tad on the dead side at the time.

Then, we see Glenn and Tara riding in the back of a truck, and Glenn asks her “What did you see?”

Tara: “They were all dead.”

The Walking Dead Claimed (Review)

Glenn hits the back window of the truck, and yells “Stop the truck.”

Then, when the truck stops, both Glenn and Tara get off. Abraham tells him “We need people,” and he says “I’m going to have to insist” that he stop, and then, he introduces himself, and Eugene (a scientist) and Rosita.

Abraham says: “Eugene’s a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess.”

Glenn: “Alright. So what happened?”

Ford: “It’s classified.” He adds: “We could use your help.”

But, Glenn tells him “Sorry,” and he and Tara walk away. They want to get back to the bus.

Sergeant Ford tells him “She’s gone. Now, c’mon. Get back to the truck and do something with your life. The people we love…sometimes just disappear. That doesn’t mean you have to go out too.”

Glenn cold-cocks him one, and Ford runs up behind him, yelling “Son of a bitch!” and they fight.

Then, zombies come out from surrounding cornfields. The heavy artillery comes out, and Ford, Eugene, Glenn lay out the zombies. Unfortunately, their gas tank is a casualty, and is hit, and leaks gas  like a faucet.

Then, we see Rick trying to slowly sneak out of hiding. He stands up, still hearing noises — and, one of the men shouts up: “Hey, Lance, get your ass down here.”

Rick grabs up a trophy to use as a weapon, if necessary. One of the men sees him, and rushes at him; he and Rick fight, and the man almost reaches a pair of scissors; but, Rick manages to choke him out, and takes his gun.

The Walking Dead, back from another commercial break, continues with Rick cautiously attempting to leave the house through a window on the second floor, as quietly as he can.

He slowly eases himself down, and then he slips a little, and falls — the noise isn’t enough to alert the people inside, and then Rick runs to the side of the house. A man exits the house, with a ball he had in his hand.

Back with Ford, he asks “How in the holy Hell did you manage to kill this truck?” Eugene, said something about it having to do with “an ignorance of rapid-firing weapons.”

Eugene tells  Sergeant Ford “We’ll find another vehicle. Trust me, I’m smarter than you.”

The group heads on foot down the road, with Glenn and Tara leading.

At the house where Rick is, the man who came outside is sitting on the porch, eating soup out of a can. Rick sees Carl and Michonne approaching, and he is about to make a move; when the man hears a commotion inside, and runs in. One of the men inside went to use the toilet, and found the surprise that Rick had left him, who was now a zombie. Rick takes the opportunity to run towards Michonne and Carl and they go off to find greener pastures, if possible.

Abraham says: “Saving the world is just more important” than Glenn finding his wife. Tara tells Ford “You don’t know anything about me. And, I don’t know anything about you.”

She asks Ford “Is that why you’re going to Washington? because you’re a good person? You don’t have to lie to me.”

Then, we see Michonne, Carl, and Rick walking, and they see a banner someone put on a railroad car, again mentioning Terminus. Michonne asks “What do you think?”

Rick: “Let’s go.”

That’s the end of The Walking Dead episode Claimed. It was a pretty cool one, IMHO. Abraham seems like his intentions are good, but Glenn is more interested in finding his wife, Maggie.

I will be very interested in seeing if Rick, Carl, and Michonne make it to Terminus, and if so, exactly what they will find there. Also, I am guessing that they will join up at Terminus with Darrell and Beth.

In this episode of The Walking Dead, we learned more about Sergeant Ford, Eugene, and to a lesser extent, Rosita. Ford is very mission-focused, wanting to get Eugene to Washington, D.C., as quickly as possible. Glenn and Tara are useful for his purposes, so he keeps trying to convince Glenn to stop searching for his wife, and join him in his mission.

What are your thoughts about this episode of The Walking Dead? Did you love it or hate it, or were you perhaps indifferent to it? Please leave your comments below, watch next week’s episode of The Walking Dead with me, and come back here to read my recap/review of it!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

2 Responses to "The Walking Dead Claimed (Review)"

  1. Martin   February 25, 2014 at 5:51 am

    As already mentioned a transcript isn’t a review. This was not one of the best episodes, mainly due to the lack of story progression, absolutely no mention of the other three survivor groups, Daryl & Beth, Maggie, Sasha & Bob or Tyreese, Carol & the kids.

    “I will be very interested in seeing if Rick, Carl, and Michonne make it to Terminus, and if so, exactly what they will find there. Also, I am guessing that they will join up at Terminus with Darrell and Beth.” There has been NO mention of Daryl & Beth heading for the Terminus the only other group we know are on their way there are Tyreese, Carol & the kids. My guess over the next few episodes all the survivor groups will some how end up at the Terminus setting up a cracking series finale.

  2. helas   February 23, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    A transcript is not a review brother

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