Eat Yogurt to Lower Your Risk of Getting Diabetes

Eat Yogurt to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Eating low-fat fermented diary products like yogurt and cheeses can reduce your chances of getting new-onset diabetes by a whopping 28 percent, and slash the relative risk of diabetes, in general, by 24 percent, according to new research by University of Cambridge scientists published in Diabetologia journal. You can read the study results at the last link listed below.

The research of the Cambridge scientists was based upon the EPIC-Norfolk study. That study used as its subjects more than 3,500 male and female residents of Norfolk, U.K. The study looked at the daily record of all of the drinks and food eaten. 753 of the participants had developed new-onset type 2 diabetes over the 11 years that the study spanned.

By doing this, the researchers, led by an epidemiologist at the University of Cambridge, Nita Forouhi, were able to determine what role the consumption of specific types of diary products like low fat yogurt and cheeses had to the risk of getting new-onset diabetes.

The consumption of yogurt made up 85 percent of the low-diary products the participants consumed. Eating an average of four and a half 125g (4.4 oz.) containers of yogurt reduced the risk of the study’s participants of getting diabetes by 28 percent.

People in the study who ate other low-fat fermented diary products, like unripened cheeses and low-fat cottage cheese, also saw the same level of reduction of the risk of getting diabetes. Also, those participants who ate yogurt in the place of eating other snacks reduced their risk of getting type 2 diabetes by a staggering 47 percent.

Only the consumption of low-fat fermented diary products was related to the drop in the risk of getting diabetes. The study participants who ate high-fat fermented products and milk didn’t have a reduction in their risk of getting diabetes.

The study didn’t determine exactly why low-fat fermented diary products are related to a reduction of getting type 2 diabetes.

However, the study suggests that future studies could look into potential reasons why eating low-fat fermented diary products like yogurt lower the risk of getting diabetes. Some possible explanations the study mentions is that the probiotic bacteria or special type of Vitamin K low-fat fermented diary products contain might be why the risk of diabetes is lowered if these products are consumed.

Though the scientists took into account such factors that might influence the study’s results as a family history of diabetes and obesity, the study relied upon its participants accurately recording their diets in exacting detail.

Also, the dietary information the participants had originally recorded wasn’t updated during the 11 year span of the study, so if there was any dietary changes made by the participants during that period of time that could have influenced the outcome of the study, the changes would have been recorded, but the effect of the changes, if any, are unknown.

Still, the study is one of the largest and most comprehensive ones yet conducted on the role that consumption of low-fat fermented diary products has on lowering the overall risk of getting diabetes. It suggests that the regular consumption of these products, like low-fat fermented yogurt, can have a significant impact on lowering your risk of developing new-onset type 2 diabetes.

Written by: Douglas Cobb
Diabetologia journal

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