Flappy Bird no Longer Available as Developer Pulls it From App Store

Flappy bird Flappy Bird, the mega-viral app store sensation, is no longer available for download as the game’s creator has decided to pull his popular creation from the marketplace. Dong Nguyen, the Vietnamese creator of the unbelievably popular game, made a promise via Twitter that he would be pulling the game down from the app store come Sunday. As the day drew to a close, it appeared that the Flappy Bird creator had indeed kept his promise. The game, which was enjoying tremendous success, can no longer be found on the app store.

Just 22 hours after his Twitter announcement, Nguyen followed through with his promise and pulled the game from the app store at midnight Sunday. Nguyen, the Hanoi-based recently new celebrity, has offered little explanation for the incredible move. A series of Tweets is all that the Flappy Bird king provided in explanation for his decision. The reasons given included that the press was “overrating” his success, and that he “just couldn’t take it anymore.” A few other Tweets along similar lines were tweeted out by Nguyen, but none providing much more insight into the decision to delete the game. Perhaps the most explanatory Tweet stated that the success and press surrounding the Flappy Bird game, “ruins my simple life,” and that he simply could not take it anymore.

Nguyen’s original Tweet, informing his followers that he would be taking down the game in less than 24 hours, received more than 130,000 retweets relatively quickly, with many fans of the game left baffled as to the motivation for the decision. The Vietnamese creator was, prior to removing Flappy Bird, earning somewhere close to $50,000 per day from advertising revenue. The Flappy Bird game itself was free, which may have added somewhat to its popularity.

Nguyen was criticized by some both for the game itself and his decision to remove it. He has not however provided an interview or any in-depth statements to press regarding the decision, and has not elaborated more than the few tweets that he previously sent out. After agreeing to give an interview to the Associated Press, which he canceled, Nguyen is reportedly unreachable for comment.

Perhaps the most interesting point about the Flappy Bird sensation is that the app, according to Nguyen himself, was created in just a couple of days by him alone. After its creation, in an amazingly short amount of time it rose to immense popularity and Nguyen stated that it was earning him nearly $50,000 per day. This success is in stark contrast to other major game makers, like those of the well-known sensation Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment. Rovio does make successful game apps, however they do it with a large team of developers. They don’t produce their success in just a couple of days working solo.

A major criticism of Flappy Bird however is that it is “fad-based” and that means unpredictable income for would-be investors. Nguyen never sought any investors however, and after his success it’s likely that he may not need to should he pursue other game app developing ventures on his own. The question regarding whether or not his success is replicable however, is sure to have many investors eyeing his work moving forward.

For now, as far as Flappy Bird is concerned, the game can no longer be downloaded as Dong Nguyen has made good on his promise and pulled it from the app store. Time will tell wether the Vietnamese developer will wow tech consumers with another such sensation in the future.

By Daniel Worku

IB Times


Washington Post


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